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If the Liberal-Lovin’ Lemmings of Ontario want four more years of lies, obfuscation, ‘health’ taxes, hidden taxes, cover-ups, crime and lawlessness, unionpandering, discriminatory education funding with questionable results, banning everything under the sun, long waits for medical attention, back-door funding, never-ending native stand-offs and broken promisesthen go for it.

Just don’t complain. Not one of you.

You don’t have the right.

Not for the next four years.

 —Joanne of Joanne’s Journey responding to a recent poll which could give Dalton McGuinty a majority government on October 10th. Both Joanne and I pray that there is an upset.

Intelligent quote of the day


 “It’s going to sound cold, but I wasn’t reading the paper going ‘Oh poor guy.’ I was thinking I hope he’s learning what he is supposed to be learning from this whole experience and not wasting the opportunity to learn…I was depressed for a long time…I learned how to believe in myself. Learned how to set goals, you know, self help books man. I just read every single one I can get a hold of and I still do. I read that stuff all the time still. I am always coming out bigger, better, stronger and happier.”

Drew Carey, soon-to-be newly minted host of The Price Is Right (Oct 15th), giving actor Owen Wilson some tough love advice on dealing with depression and suicide attempts

A warning to Ontario voters on October 10th

dalton_mcguinty.jpgIf Joanne (of Joanne’s Journey) and myself wake up to the most wicked and evil nightmare of our lives on October 10th—a McGuinty majority, I will have a post on this blog reading, “Are 12 million Ontarians that stubborn and dumb?” A British newspaper said something similiar when U.S. President Bush got re-elected. Some people will say it is fair game to pick on Americans, leave Canadians alone. I disagree.  Any country, any jurisdiction  anywhere makes a stubbornly bad decision is not above criticism. One anonymous poster on Joanne’s Journey articulated my feelings precisely about the current turn in this election campaign.

If Ontarians are going to reelect a liar who skimmed them with the biggest tax increase in decades which now shows up as a surplus almost dollar for dollar all because of ONE MSM inflated issue (FBSF), then Ontarians are truly a bunch of morons…Except for Joanne, myself and the rest who supports the Blogging Tories living in ON of course 😉 

Never in my life I have seen a good leader like John Tory that have demonized the way he has that I will say the tactics are simply beyond forgiveness. I can only pray for justice to come. Maybe not now but very soon.  Trust me, this is no joke—if Dalton McGuinty gets 54 or more seats, trust me I will have harsh title for that post. Ontario, the choice is yours.

Intelligent quote of the day

In many countries, rigid ideologies give way to humanitarian impulses when the need is great. In the United States, the humanitarian desires are not allowed to get in the way of ideological purity. It is a flaw that keeps this great and prosperous nation from reaping the promised benefits of compassionate conservativism which were promised—but not delivered by its current president.

 Toronto Sun’s Donna Marie Artuso in her August 8th column “Medicare’s a bad word here” criticizing the rigid ideology of American politicians (right of centre) when it comes to the idea of universal health insurance.

My fitness babe of the month: Amanda Foubister and some words to be said


 There are quite many who know that I have a thing for hardbodied women meaning women who are very toned and ripped  in their bodies (Tammie Leady comes to mind). I even liked some women who were muscular—but feminine in appearance (a good example would be Monica Brant-Peckham).  I hope when I get a girlfriend (and wife) that she is definately a hardbodied woman! On my previous blogsite I used to have a Babe of the Month section that mainly had women of that caliber.  For the past couple months on I neglected to have one in part I was busy in my work schedule and thus became to lazy to post many other stuff on the blog and there are a few female relatives (and I won’t mention how close) who had some personal objections to the whole concept.  My response that this is a site for those aged 12 years old and up. There is no pornography meaning I will not publish people having sex for erotic or esthetical purposes, I will not publish full frontal nudity (meaning I will not have genitals flaunted and exposed for erotic or esthestical purposes). I don’t even have a full women’s women’s breast shown.  For example on my other blog you have seen a portion of gorgeous Vida Guerra’s bossom (in a sexy cut off shirt) in my birthday salute to her this March or fitness model Marzia Prince covering a portion of her bossom with a good thick rope. I am firmly of the school of that a woman can be “sexy but not slutty” camp and I believe women like Beyonce Knowles have confirmed that concept.  As David Suzuki gave Enivronmental Minister John Baird an extremely hard time in an argument by saying, “It’s not enough!” —my objectors influenced by an ultra-conservative (and yes fundamentalist) ideology love Dr.Suzuki’s sound bite, “It’s not enough!” Well I can’t please everybody but I as said, I do love women who are hardbodied and no one is going to take that desire away from me,  feminist or fundamentalist. With that long speech just said, I just want to introduce a lovely young woman to bring beauty to my new blogsite.  She is 31 year old Amanda Foubister from New Zealand who worked on stunt performances on Xena The Warrior Princess back in the ’90’s and in the 2000’s is still in the business in such movies as The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Narnia and King Kong.  A long time participant in competitive sports, she enjoys fitness (and the diverse training it provides) and fitness modelling. She has a personal website at and a site at and get to know what makes the woman tick!

Once I start, I can’t stop!

Here’s another Spinners’ tune I like very much too which is The Rubberband Man which was released in 1976 (I was 6!). I heard this song later in that decade especially on an episode of Real People which was broadcasted on NBC in where a few guys was playing basketball while at same time climbing over a wall. Music videos were rare at that time and only gained popularity in the 1980’s. Here in the 2000’s, two white dudes do their own video to this great song.  I appreciate it but I think I would like to do my own version to it. Think basketball, climbing walls on top of ceilings (as  that episode from Real People). Get some famous celeberties and people of noteriety (hey, I’ll even get John Tory shooting hoops—Dalton, you are NOT invited!). Special effects….you know take it to the next level, but for now I will settle what has been given to the rest of us.

One of my favourite songs from The Spinners

 I could remember this song when I was about 10 years old in 1980 and over 25 years later, I still love it to the max! Though I also do appreciate Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons, I believe The Spinners does this song (Working My Way Back You Babe)  way more justice and transforms the song to a new dimensional height. In conclusion, I believe The Spinners do a greater job on the song, with all due (great) respect to Mr. Vallie (which in turn, I will post my favourite song from him here—in the coming month of December. Fans will undertand what the hint is here!). Right now it is time to boogie to Working My Way Back To You Babe!