Trying something different

 It has been over 2 1/2 years that I have started my own personal blogs on Though both of my blogs, The Way I See It and Post WCG Life and Theology have had small success in the comments department, I do appreciate the idea of a public forum of sharing and spreading ideas. I  want to give Shay of Booker Rising my eternal thanks and appreciation for somewhat putting me on the map when it came to me voicing my political views affecting the black community both in the United States and Canada. I look forward to our continued partnership with her and others (for decades to come I hope!)   I also hope that by trying something different by going to WordPress will bring further succes to both blogs. I am one who likes to “stay where he is” and values “stability” over risk but I think this is the time to just be a little adventurous and experiment a little bit.  Many people in blogdom have done just that and it’s time for me to get on board! Who knows, maybe I might go back to after two years here, maybe I might go somewhere else—who knows? Well, here is one thing that is certain, those who liked some of my commentaries on, I got good news. They will stay there currently as archives, forever. The Way I See It on WordPress may have different graphics and other gadgets but the editorial content remains the same. It is a positive minded centrist conservative world view that stands for fiscal responsibility and social compassion simultaneously. This also means that this blog has automatic and unilateral endorsement of Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader, John Tory in this upcoming October 10th provincial election. I am looking forward to a new adventure on (and I hope in due will master this thing!) and I welcome all to my blog on a new blogsite. May you continue to enjoy it!

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