Brian does not need to make nice

Brian Mulroney 

I am very looking forward to CTV’s special on former prime minister Brian Mulroney at 7 p.m. tonight.  As a teen  who was 13 to 14 years old, I loved Mulroney. He was a fresh young face with new ideas compared to an old tiring Trudeau at that time. Then after the failure of the Meech Lake constitutional accord in 1990, I joined the crowd in hating him but it was until the mid 1990’s until a friend asked me to examine my hatred toward this man and I discovered it was definately media manufactured emotion that had no substance to it.  I began to learn to respect the man slowly but surely. When the book “The Secret Mulroney Tapes” was released in 2005, you could say I loved Mulroney for telling it the way it is about the Liberal Party of Canada and the leftist (and yes they are leftist and there is no sense arguing the fact) media establishment. Both the Liberals and media are what I call “the niceness police”. While certain people complain that current Prime Minister Stephen Harper tolerates no dissent within his party, I would say that the Liberals and the media make Harper  a “pussycat” in comparison. What is off limits for them is that you cannot propose in changing and modernizing our institutions and there is one man you dare not mention his dark side—and that man is “Pierre Elliott Trudeau”.  Current Liberal Leader Stephane Dion decided to be the “Chief of Niceness Police” on Brian Mulroney when  he decided to discuss the “dark side of the force” in Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It is fact that Trudeau in his teen years had some fascist leanings. It is fact that Trudeau in World War II did not participate in armed combat.  Should this be off-limits discussion?  This is history—good or bad—and it has the bloody right to be discussed by anybody and this includes former prime ministers.  It is a known fact that our first Prime Minister John A. MacDonald didn’t care for aboriginals and the French or that former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King didn’t care for blacks (didn’t allow Carribean blacks to emigrate in Canada in the ’40’s with  the most mentally silly excuse of all  time that it be to cold for them here). Some people will protest and say, “That’s dirty laundry and we don’t discuss it!” I say in response, “Dysfunctional rubbish!” To deny that there was ever dark of the force in Canada and it’s leaders is just plain unhealthy and patently dishonest. If Canada is to progress as country, it must learn about the “dark side” and of course, important of all, master it. Brian, if you are reading this blog, I just want to tell you to stick your guns and you don’t have to make nice to “anybody”. Actually, I will applaud you for standing up to the “tyranny of niceness” which unfortunately many politicians are burdened with these days. More need to be courageous and say what they feel and what they mean.

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