Britney Spears needs to redefine herself and her music

britneyspears4.jpg The picture with Britney in Esquire has been (and always been) the “eternal flame” of my loins. This picture was over 4 years ago with Britney in tip-top shape with a very firm, perky buns (you can hear me uncontrollably grunting and growling sooo loud!) to show for it!!! Yes I know, two children later and other “adventures”, for lack of a better word—that has all changed.

??? I just looked at her performance at the recent MTV music awards in it’s entirety (thanks to and it just looked Britney was simply out of it. Where was here heart and soul? It wasn’t there. That body in Esquire just did not compare to the body that was out of shape on the MTV awards. Yes, as all rock stars and rock bands do, is change their images by redifining themselves and redefining their music and Britney Spears should be no exception if she want’s to be relevant to another generation of fans. Madonna, has changed her looks over the years and matured in her music styles. The Beatles came in with their mop hair and fancy suits but later on grew their hair long and added Eastern mysticism to their music.  Listen to The Who’s music from the 1960’s and 1970’s and will hear the amazing progression in their music with the music technology that was afforded to them at the time.  What should Britney do? I guess for starters, I think “the stripper” routine should go! Yes, I do think she should back to the gym and get her abs, legs (and oh yes those buns) right back! Of course, I like to still see her sexy (she has a few more years for that!) but no longer having the trashiness with it (Beyonce is eternal proof that one can be sexy without being trashy—only a rigid thinking fundamentalist would argue otherwise). Music wise, I wouldn’t mind see Britney go a little retro. I’m talking about more focused on rhythm and blues, soul (even ’70’s type soul wouldn’t be bad) and perhaps (if I may be ambitious–or dreaming–or expecting too much –or all of the above) is maybe some Motown. The 1990’s and 2000’s has had enough of gangsta rap, rude and angry grunge, cheezy tunes without any lasting substance and other well deserved criticisms. The 2010’s need to be different and violently (metaphorically speaking) reject the musical direction of the past two decades. Will Britney be a follower or a leader in this department? One can only hope and pray she chooses the latter instead of the former. As for now,  my advice for Britney is the old saying, “If you don’t succeed, try, try, again” but with this attachment “but try with other things but not the same thing because that’s insanity, trying again with the same thing expecting different results.”

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