Right on again (as usual) Michael!


Michael Coren does it again! The Toronto Sun columnist says it’s okay NOT to believe in a 9-11 conspiracy (tell you the truth, despite friends who believe in various theories of what happened that day, I have had and still do this day have trouble swallowing those theories into personal belief). He even dares to question the motives and suggests an agenda whether Marxist (or even fascist) is behind these theories.  For me, the traditional view has stuck with me and that view is: there are people in the world who don’t want respect, they want submission from everybody to their world view. They will even kill people to achieve that objective. Their mentality knows no compromise. They are totally right and the rest of us are totally wrong. With me, I grew up in a fundamentalist cult (and  thank God have eversince left) and I know all about having a “black and white” and  “concrete thinking” mentality. Those 3,000 people who died at the World Trade Center (including the Canadians I just named on a post during the sixth anniversary this past Tuesday) did not deserve die because of so-called “American oppression” or “western indifference”. Sadly I think North Americans (speaking Americans and Canadians) in general have lost the concept of what evil is. Generation Y (those who were born after 1981) have tragically compounded this relativistic belief into almost religious proportions. I will also say that North American society has become feminized in the sense that we prefer security over liberty, having this rainbow mentality of “can-we-get-along” socialistic view of things, we want to be followers than leaders and wanting to avoid or defer conflict. I think a little testosterone is not evil (feminazis grow up!) in the sense that anger (righteous anger), being a hell-raiser, rocking the boat is sometimes called for in confronting evil. Rabbi Shmuely Boteach is incredibly right in saying that we not only lost our ability to love but our “ability to hate”. This is why I believe U.S. President Bush should have took some ritalin and focused on Afghanistan (yes on BOTH terms of his presidency as opposed to the mess of his choosing!) and this is why I believe that Prime Minister Harper is doing the right thing (despite a scared and timid constituency who feel strongly otherwise). There are people in the world have a worldview and will kill people to bring about their perverse utopia.  To pretend otherwise is co-equally wicked. To love the righteous and fight the wicked is the ONLY correct moral choice.

 Read Michael’s splendid as always article at http://www.torontosun.com/News/Columnists/Coren_Michael/2007/09/15/4498086-sun.php

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