A provincial Liberal-NDP alliance? Maybe Not.

corenagain1.jpgMichael Coren explains in the National Post that it may not be possible. He quotes, “Having interviewed half of Queens Park by now what is strikingly obvious is that most of the NDP caucus hate the Liberals even more than they despised Mike Harris. And they certainly despised Harris! They get along rather well with the new red Tory/Tories but they can’t tolerate the Libs. Hardly surprising in that the Liberals tried to destroy the NDP by removing official party status. As one MPP moaned to me last week, “They even took our free coffee away.” ” Still it is my hope that John Tory CAN pull this off on Thursday’s debate. This is his only chance to turn his party’s fortunes around.  I am also glad the Michael Coren had said this about the provincial Liberals about their motives  are about, “[p]ure pragmatism, cynicism and lust for power”.  Yes the provincial Liberals had learned from their Master, their federal counterparts which is: hang on and hold on to power for the sake of it! Principles be damned! It’s time for Ontario voters to wake up and see through the facade.

Read Michael’s article here at  http://communities.canada.com/nationalpost/blogs/fullcomment/archive/2007/09/14/michael-coren-on-the-liberals-pragmatism-cynicism-and-lust-for-power.aspx

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