Once I start, I can’t stop!

Here’s another Spinners’ tune I like very much too which is The Rubberband Man which was released in 1976 (I was 6!). I heard this song later in that decade especially on an episode of Real People which was broadcasted on NBC in where a few guys was playing basketball while at same time climbing over a wall. Music videos were rare at that time and only gained popularity in the 1980’s. Here in the 2000’s, two white dudes do their own video to this great song.  I appreciate it but I think I would like to do my own version to it. Think basketball, climbing walls on top of ceilings (as  that episode from Real People). Get some famous celeberties and people of noteriety (hey, I’ll even get John Tory shooting hoops—Dalton, you are NOT invited!). Special effects….you know take it to the next level, but for now I will settle what has been given to the rest of us.

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