A warning to Ontario voters on October 10th

dalton_mcguinty.jpgIf Joanne (of Joanne’s Journey) and myself wake up to the most wicked and evil nightmare of our lives on October 10th—a McGuinty majority, I will have a post on this blog reading, “Are 12 million Ontarians that stubborn and dumb?” A British newspaper said something similiar when U.S. President Bush got re-elected. Some people will say it is fair game to pick on Americans, leave Canadians alone. I disagree.  Any country, any jurisdiction  anywhere makes a stubbornly bad decision is not above criticism. One anonymous poster on Joanne’s Journey articulated my feelings precisely about the current turn in this election campaign.

If Ontarians are going to reelect a liar who skimmed them with the biggest tax increase in decades which now shows up as a surplus almost dollar for dollar all because of ONE MSM inflated issue (FBSF), then Ontarians are truly a bunch of morons…Except for Joanne, myself and the rest who supports the Blogging Tories living in ON of course 😉 

Never in my life I have seen a good leader like John Tory that have demonized the way he has that I will say the tactics are simply beyond forgiveness. I can only pray for justice to come. Maybe not now but very soon.  Trust me, this is no joke—if Dalton McGuinty gets 54 or more seats, trust me I will have harsh title for that post. Ontario, the choice is yours.

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