Intelligent quote of the Day


“For the white man to ask the black man if he hates him is just like the rapist asking the raped, or the wolf asking the sheep, ‘Do you hate me?’ The white man is in no moral position to accuse anyone else of hate!  Why, then all of my ancestors are snake-bitten, and I’m snaken-bitten, and I warn my children to avoid snakes, what does that snake sound like accusing me of hate-teaching?”

—Malcom X (1925-1965), attempting to explain black anger against white racist attitudes to a white press in The Autobiography of Malcom X pg.245

JT’s making his mark

I have always liked JT (Justin Timberlake). I also believe that this young guy has A LOT going for him in the future. I really like (or I should say love) his duet with Beyonce called ‘Til The End of Time.  This is one of his best songs to come and  I am still waiting for the music video (forget what other people put together on Youtube) which hasn’t been produced yet. What I have, courtesy from is the just the song being played. I hope you will enjoy it like I do.

You came a long way Louisanna!!!


Cheers to Governor-elect Bobby Jindal who in the next few months in January 2008 will be the first South Asian American (non-white) Governor of Louisanna and also will be the youngest Governor in the U.S. (he’s a year younger than I am, he’s 36)!!!  In addition, he is a very conservative Republican, for example he is a pro-life hardliner when it comes to abortion—as his catchphrase is, “no abortion, no exceptions”. I am proud of a state that has matured and has my personal welcome to the 21st century. Why I am saying this? It was only about 16 years ago in October 1991 (and I remember well as a 21 year old youth) the race between former Klansman, the charming psychopath David Duke against and Eddie Edwards (thank God Edwards, despite his flaws one) during that close race.   According to Excite News,  “Jindal, the Republican 36-year-old son of Indian immigrants, carried more than half the vote against 11 opponents. With about 92 percent of the vote in, Jindal had 53 percent with 625,036 votes – more than enough to win outright and avoid a Nov. 17 runoff…His nearest competitors: Democrat Walter Boasso with 208,690 votes or 18 percent; Independent John Georges had 1167,477 votes or 14 percent; Democrat Foster Campbell had 151,101 or 13 percent. Eight candidates divided the rest.”

I personally wish Governor-elect Jindal well as he begins administration as Governor in making the state of Louisana a very prosperous and wealthy state for all it’s citizens of all backgrounds. Let the work begin.

 Read more about his win on Excite News at and read his biography on wikipedia at

Fit babe of month for October, Jamie Koeppe


Would you believe that this Canadian from Vancouver, British Columbia was at one point a WWE wrestler??? Yes, watch out this lovely lady Jamie Koeppe does weights and kickboxes and the results are beneficial!!! This 29 year old Simon Fraser University graduate and former fitness model —with great gluteal development (Wow! Oh Wow!!!), now resides in Los Angeles, California working as a personal trainer getting people motivated to stay in shape and maintain their health! You go girl! Check out her site at and get to know this fit beauty with a lot of brains but before you log in, Jamie has the note, “My profile is set to private – so if you want to see all of my DAILY UPDATED pictures, videos and blogs – just send me a FRIEND REQUEST!” Enjoy!

Right on Bob!!!

Give them hell Sir Bob Geldoff!!! This was at the Antwerp Diamond Traders Banquet as of recent where it was at least $750 to pay. Some in attendance say that “they didn’t pay to get insulted”. I say somebody has to tell it the way it is and if one is NOT going to listen anywhere else, why not at a banquet—where all are seated at one place and get the message?!! Sir Bob, I hope this is not the last message you are going to give on this topic!



Halle Berry is trying to be bilingual! The father of her soon-coming child is a Quebecois, I think it is a good idea! She shouldn’t let being 41 stop her. I’m 37 took two French courses about 3-4 years ago and want to take three more so I can reach level 5! It looks like when I reach my early 40’s starting in 2010, I will be bilingual too! If I desire a political career in Canada, it is very, very beneficial. Halle should talk to many Canadian former and current politicians who are over 40 who are still trying to learn French. They range from Mike Harris (62), Peter McKay(42), John Tory (53)…

tn2_george_lucas.jpg More Star Wars!!! Coming soon on your television screen! George Lucas is confirming what was in the works anyway. This time, forget the Skywalkers Anakin(Darth Vader) and Luke.  Minor characters will be the centre of focus. Not much details about the new series (sooo George Lucas) but in this day of reality television, I think we need a good doese of fantasy and IMAGINATION!!! George is the man to provide it at a badly needed time!

1-a27.jpgTo Shay standing up for Bill Cosby on the U.S. public radio’s NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya ! I think it’s time for Shay to have her own radio show someday in the very near future.  She definately has the nice bass voice for it (think Toni Braxton, with a slightly more General American accent in fusion with the African American Vernacular English accent) . I can know for a fact it would be an entertaining show. Some of her stances I do agree with, others I don’t but neverthless I can’t a see a boring show. I hope there can be a day when we can tell Rush Limbaugh to eat his heart out! Here‘s today’s broadcast. Enjoy!

Bill Cosby is right!

Sorry Dr. Dyson, Dr. Bill Cosby is right in what he says and may I add that the black middle class has NOT lost its mind. It probably is getting its sanity back from the collectivist left of centre victocrats that have been abusive to blacks that have worked hard to get where they are. Thanks to Shay of Booker Rising for this video of Dr.Cosby on NBC’s Meet The Press.