Still Waiting for a Miracle

Like Joanne of Joanne’s Journey, we both do CAN  NOT comprehend those who want to give Dalton McGuinty another majority government this Wednesday. It makes absolutely no sense.  It seems like one bad policy is more important than voting for one bad premier who has been very ineffective and incompetent. As one commented on the National Post blog that there is no reason but an excuse to give McGuinty a second majority. I have been personally disgusted with groups like The Ontario Coalition For Working Families that have distorted who John Tory is and his personal agenda. I wished the Tory campaign would have ruthlessly and aggressively prove the charges false and deliberately misleading. The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has found an enemy and in 2011 this enemy must be brutally defeated with a vengeance! An election that I was looking forward to turned into one that I became sick to my stomach and it simply turned into a “let’s bash John Tory festival!” The media cheerleaders for McGuinty did their damndest to find any bad news for the Tory campaign and wickedly made damned sure that Faith Based Funding was going to be the cross John Tory will bear! Hell with McGuinty’s blunders for the past 4 years, it’s this wicked and evil idea of faith based funding that must be defeated!  A week ago on Saturday night I was in a very angry lashing mood about the results of this campaign in front of my close friend Joe. I was surprised that another friend that evening was considering voting McGuinty. He’s has been a long-time Conservative supporter!  I was even convincing one of my supervisors at work(another Conservative supporter) who now these days wouldn’t be caught dead with John Tory, if you that disgusted vote Green but never, ever consider giving the devil (who is McGuinty) an opportunity. I firmly support the National Post’s decision to make a bold and principled stand of supporting  and endorsing John Tory anyway regardless what the polls dictate. He is a leader, not a follower. At the same time he is consultative. He knows where to lead Ontario. He has the better of the plans. I have always liked the idea that he reached out to “the brothas”  (mind you some fellow Conservatives of colour have found this somewhat mildly condescending—I understand this view but I do not share it in its entirety. Yes, my supervisor is unmistakably right that when you meet somebody, colour or race shouldn’t matter but I do propose the flip side to the argument. It has been noted that right-of-centre politicians whether Canadian or American are insensitive to people of colour. Whether that perception is right of wrong, the perception is there—and it is unwise to suggest that perception will go away like the  common cold. If this is an odd sentimentality of Felix Taylor, so be it: A conservative politician like John Tory extreme comfort with people of colour—just like former U.S. conservative politicians like Jack Kemp and Bill Bennett really touches me emotionally! Sometimes perception matters rightly or wrongly and somebody has to take the testicular fortitude or to use a more gentlemanly vocabulary,  “leadership” to correct it).  Two weeks ago Saturday afternoon, I did vote an advance poll for my local Conservative canidate Mohammed Kassim. I am proud that I did! I wish him all the best Wednesday night as I plan to help out in some way with the campaign Wednesday night. As for now, I will literally pray for John Tory and a miracle for him, if necessary.  If Ontario gives McGuinty another majority, they stubbornly and foolishly denied themselves one of the greatest Premiers of Ontario of the 21st century: John Tory. If this happens, a harsh titled post that I threatened to post will be materialized and Joanne said in righteous indignation, Ontario voters have no right to complain for 4 years. If a McGuinty majority this Wednesday, I also pray for an Apocalypto (an ending) of Ontario’s love affair with socialism (whether incremental or in a hurry) in 2011 but that Apocalypto can only begin with another Apocalypto in Toronto in 2010 when Toronto grows up and ends its love affair with socialism in a hurry and the fanatical city councillors who espouse it…but that’s another topic for another time. As for now I only ask Ontario voters to search their hearts and use reason to guide their decision.

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