Intelligent quote of the day

mbonokoski_g.jpgWe place trust in the systems that govern and maintain our society.

We place trust in the courts that the truth will win out. We swear to tell the truth when testifying in those courts. We place trust in our teachers, our doctors, our social network, and our community overseers.

On the homefront, we place trust in the honesty of our spouses, our families and our friends.

We believe in them to be true to their word.

If not, there are consequences. Marriages break up, families become uprooted, and friends become estranged.

Never are lies rewarded.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has lied to us more than any politician I can recall, and has broken virtually every electoral promise he has made.

He appears, in fact, to be clinically pathological.

Yesterday, on his campaign bus, McGuinty repeated, no doubt with his patented straight-faced smirk, that he would not raise taxes if again re-elected — no doubt expecting us to again believe the lie that won him the last election.

The result, if the polls hold true, is that he will find himself rewarded tomorrow with another Liberal majority.

What does it say about those of us who dish out the reward?

And what does this teach our children?

That politicians, and political leaders in particular, are somehow exempt from telling the truth? That political leaders can lie and deceive without consequence?

Tell me I’m wrong, but I think I’m not.

Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun columnist on today’s upcoming provincial election and his displeasure of where the polls are leading in his brilliant piece “There could be darker, xenophobic reasons why Ontarians have rejected John Tory’s call for funding of faith-based schools”. Search your hearts Ontario voters and read this man’s article at . To simply ignore this man’s piece will have irrevocable consequences. I guarantee it!

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