Are 12 Million People Stubborn, Complacent, Lazy and Dumb???

1011mcguinty2.jpgProvocative question but it needs to be said. Ontario you have made a choice. You have not voted about hope but based your vote on fear. There was no reason to re-elect Dalton McGuinty as your premier but you thought of a lame excuse. You listened and obeyed the voices of cynicism instead of listening to the voices of optomism. You thought the status quo was perfectly fine and violently rejected the road to the future. Important of all, you said that when a public official outright lies, deceives, manipulates the masses, when he is incompetent and mismanages his government—“all is forgiven”. These are shifting values that I find very disturbing. As Joanne of Joanne’s Journey perfectly and indignantly pointed out, that when more of the same (and I am very sure about that) materializes with 4 more years of the McGuinty government, you the voter, have absolutely no right to complain, moan, whine or bitch! Absolutely none!  A former boss of mine had a great saying, “Make your decision!” You voters made your decision and you are going to learn (hopefully the hard way and I pray to God very, very, very hard!) to live and deal with your thoughtless decision. You chose to vote against one bad policy, instead of one bad premier. I don’t get it and I don’t need to get it. Shifting values indeed but the price will neverthless be paid. Mark my words.

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