Quo Vadis John?

0921tory.jpgIf anybody has looked at the posts on my blog lately, I was thoroughly and angrily displeased at the results of  past Wednesday’s election. I literally prayed to God that I would have mental and spiritual peace that Wednesday night when Conservative Leader John Tory lost the election plus having a double whammy of losing his seat to Liberal cabinet minister Katherine Wynne in a very tough fight. I was still sad, but I kept my composure. I did not break down nor did I shed a tear. I thought it was important for me to keep a stiff upper lip especially when one is returning to Mohammed Kassim’s campaign office in Etobicoke North to hand in my scrutineering report on election night.  This was probably a very difficult weekend for John Tory and his family. I wish I had the opportunity to briefly drop in his home and give him a hug (and definately some kind words) of sympathy.  Some may wonder why I am so crazy about John Tory, “he’s just a politician” some may say. Well I don’t believe he is just another politician. I have always believed there is something very special about this man and it is my prayer and hope that this is NOT the last time we hear from him. We all know his accomplishments as CFL commissioner and working Rogers Cable. Even at age 17, I believe John had a summer job reporting for a Toronto radio station. The ambition and drive was there from an early age.  For a man who was born into previledge, this is truly a refreshing attitude. I wish Paris Hylton (and yes, even President Bush) can learn a lot from John Tory. He is a man of class taste, honesty and professionality (I have always enjoyed his phone taped messages as Leader—again the phone callers I receive at home personally or commercially can learn a lot from John’s professionalism). The question remains: should he stay or should he go? Election night the debate into that vital question immediately began and yes even in an electoral district like Etobicoke North, which is essentially where I live (for the past 23 years) the debate can begin there. One colleague and scrutineering partner whom I known for 11 years says, John should immediately go (my colleaugue has always been a one-chance type of guy and proud of it anyway but to be fair this colleague did support John’s mayoral bid in ’03), my defeated  riding canidate would prefer John to stay.  Political pundits like Andrew Coyne and neo-conservative historian Michael Bliss heatedly,firmly and inflexibly demand John to go.  Ironically, the Toronto Star this past weekend made a case for John Tory to stay around and even there was an article in the National Post a day after the election making the case for John to stay around. Peter Worthington yesterday in the Toronto Sun had a councilliatory offer for John which was: YES John you should go (as Conservative Leader) but NO—by no means end your political career. Being mayor of Toronto in 2010 maybe your true calling and destiny. At work, me and my friend thought of an idea that if John is forced to go as leader, he should think of getting a nice safe federal Conservative seat and becoming a member of Prime Minister Harper’s cabinet in the soon, yet-to-come federal election.  Joanne of Joanne’s Journey likes John Tory but believes he must go, for me I would like him to stay but will understand if the “GO” forces have their way. The question is if John goes, the fact remains that the Conservative caucas provincially is rural based and needs to expand to a suburban (905) and urban (416) base in order to be successful. I do not want Premier McGuinty to get a third term in 2011 or if he retires before then, I still do not want the provincial Liberals governing to continue to govern this province at that time. Ontario voters are deluded if they think they can afford a third mandate from the provincial Liberals. If John Tory is the best man to reach these all-important bases in Ontario, probably a talk of him staying is probably a more serious discussion despite the angry feelings that he should go. Yes, John was way too idealistic-thinking when it came to the Faith-Based funding issue but who else can eliminate the party’s debt, has an incredible work ethic, a high aptitude in reaching out to visible minorities and the disenfranchised? Serious questions indeed and they can not be simply brushed aside and for someone to do just that is a needless injustice. As for now my heart goes out for John at a very difficult time and as I said, I hope and pray that this is NOT the last time we hear from him. 

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