Halle Berry is trying to be bilingual! The father of her soon-coming child is a Quebecois, I think it is a good idea! She shouldn’t let being 41 stop her. I’m 37 took two French courses about 3-4 years ago and want to take three more so I can reach level 5! It looks like when I reach my early 40’s starting in 2010, I will be bilingual too! If I desire a political career in Canada, it is very, very beneficial. Halle should talk to many Canadian former and current politicians who are over 40 who are still trying to learn French. They range from Mike Harris (62), Peter McKay(42), John Tory (53)…

tn2_george_lucas.jpg More Star Wars!!! Coming soon on your television screen! George Lucas is confirming what was in the works anyway. This time, forget the Skywalkers Anakin(Darth Vader) and Luke.  Minor characters will be the centre of focus. Not much details about the new series (sooo George Lucas) but in this day of reality television, I think we need a good doese of fantasy and IMAGINATION!!! George is the man to provide it at a badly needed time!

1-a27.jpgTo Shay standing up for Bill Cosby on the U.S. public radio’s NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya ! I think it’s time for Shay to have her own radio show someday in the very near future.  She definately has the nice bass voice for it (think Toni Braxton, with a slightly more General American accent in fusion with the African American Vernacular English accent) . I can know for a fact it would be an entertaining show. Some of her stances I do agree with, others I don’t but neverthless I can’t a see a boring show. I hope there can be a day when we can tell Rush Limbaugh to eat his heart out! Here‘s today’s broadcast. Enjoy!

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