Thumbs up to Shay!


For last week’s show on the U.S. based NPR for giving her two cents about a 15 year old teenager getting a 60 year sentence for a brutal assault on an 8 year old girl. Booker Rising’s Shay, out of all the guests on Farai Chideya’s show, was pro-victim and was pro-sentence. I back up Shay with the old saying, “If you’re old enough to do the crime, you are old enough to the time!” I can thank God that this kid was sentenced in the U.S. where they believe in nice and long sentences instead of Canada, where we have the Young Offender’s Act where he would have gotten a waay lighter sentence, unless if he was tried as an adult (but up here you get 25 years for murder, plus you may get paroled earlier). Shay is right, the U.S. black (and may I add every other) community was protected from this evil.

Listen Here to the show taped last Wednesday.

Intelligent quote of the day

voting-day-11022004.jpgWhen most of those who bother to vote are either stupid or irresponsible or both, the only candidates who stand a chance of winning are:

1) those who can raise the most money, and

2) those who can promise the most with their bare faces hanging out.

The current political environment discourages candidates who are genuinely bold, innovative and who have real leadership skills. This is not just true for the presidency, it is true for most elective offices. Once in a great while a reasonably good leader manages to sneak through in spite of everything, but because no good deed goes unpunished such leaders are invariably crucified by the press and are usually hounded from office based on manufactured scandals.—Internet poster FYI Again still touching upon voter apathy and ignorance in the United States (and may I add Canada)

Intelligent quote of the day

votes.jpgWe have the government we elect. Senators and Representatives regularly snooker their constituents by voting one way most of the time, and another completely different way during an election year. Sometimes they manage to vote one way ALL of the time and misrepresent it to the voters at home… and most people are none the wiser.

How many voters actually investigate the records of those who seek their votes? How many are even remotely aware of the real issues (as opposed to the campaign “talking point” fake issues) that are being faced? How many are willing to go along with the common good if it is at the expense of some local pork barrel project?

It takes a lot of effort to vote responsibly. It requires a fair degree of intelligence, as well as a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the heavy lifting required to be educated about what is going on. Very few I think take this responsibility seriously enough to make a real difference.

And we have ASKED for this situation. Our society has conditioned itself to think that requiring basic intelligence of voters is racist and/or oppressive. We have convinced ourselves that everyone should vote, regardless of how stupid or irresponsible they may be. We count it a BAD thing when voter participation levels continue to fall, as if the lazy, irresponsible people who didn’t bother to register in the first place would have made a positive difference.

If I remember correctly, in the early days of our republic only land owners were allowed to vote. I think there was a lot of wisdom in that. Anyone who owns some property has proven themselves intelligent enough and resourceful enough to have acquired the land in the first place. Such people are much more likely to make an intelligent, reasoned, and impartial decision.

When most of the population is too lazy or stupid to bother registering to vote, and the bulk of those who do have only done so because some activist knocked on their door and signed them up, then we should not be surprised at the quality of the government such people have elected.

Love it or hate it, here it is the way we made it.

—An intelligent internet poster by the pseudonym of FYI Again discussing the voter apathy and ignorance in the United States. One can just say that in Canada, voter apathy and ignorance is no different and is a big problem here just as it is in the U.S.

This man wants to be president of Russia?

I say it is high time to change the U.S. constitution to finally allow naturalized citizens be allowed to run and take office of the president of the United States! This means Arnold and it also means this guy, former chess champion Garry Kasparov, a smart-talking, no-BS type who knows he’s man and he gots balls! Unlike North American politicians who talk down to people, it is damn refreshing that this straight-talking guy talks to you. American and Canadian politicians take note! Only a show like Real Time with Bill Maher you get good programming like this! I wish this man a lot of luck. Give him hell Garry!!!

Thank you again Grandad!


 My annual thanks to my late maternal gradfather Alvin MacLean (1909-1986) from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia who in World War II volunteered his services to fight in the war overseas. Though Rememberance Day was this past Sunday, I give thanks to my grandfather for fighting for the freedoms we hold so dear. I also give thanks to the troops fallen in Afghanistan since 2001. In contrary to popular opinion polls and left of centre pundits, I firmly believe that  Canada must stay the course no matter how tough so we don’t have to fight a relgious ideology (Islamofacist) on our shores.

My two thumbs up for American Gangster


Me and Joe finally seen the most anticipated movie of the year American Gangster this past weekend and it deserves the two thumbs up. Just to remind you, it is more of a storyline drama rather than an action flick (though there is some action but don’t let the trailer deceive you) and of course, the main stars  Academy Award Winners Russell Crowe (Detective Roberts) and Denzel Washington (Frank Lucas) do a great job in telling the story of how both their stories in how a supercompetent boy-scout type, by-the-book narcotics officer (who is in extreme difficulty in keeping his family together) and a ruthless, shrewd businessman-like black mafia crime boss who is successful in importing illegal drugs (through US soldier’s coffins during the Vietnam War) who somehow knows how to keep his family together have their worlds collide. There is in some circles rumblings that this glorifies Frank Lucas or as someone said, it “pretty’s” him up. If these same people wanted a two-dimensional character of Frank Lucas, they were just wasting their $10 at the movie. Both the characters of Detective Roberts (Crowe) and Frank Lucas (Washington) are complex and very multidimensional  individuals and portray them in a two-dimensional way does not do justice. I am a very tough law and order, hang-’em-high type but I did feel sympathy for the character of Frank Lucas. I am not at this stage going to spoil the movie but you will discover that Lucas mentions a traumatic event in his childhood that probably effected him psychologically for years to come. At the same time this is not an excuse for his crimes and misdemeanours but it’s somewhat of an understanding that he did what he had to do to survive. If only his business skills were to put to legitimate use. The character I felt with the most contempt and vitrolic eternal hatred was the character played by Josh Brolin (Detective Trupo) who was an egotistical (and proud of it), authoritarian, fascist, abusive, corrupt and even cowardly policeman. I have never liked any person in authority who has abused their power and firmly believe that these type of people need to be brought down by force by any means necessary! If there is a hell (and I believe there is),  a person like Detective Trupo deserves to be roasting for trillions of years screaming out loud. In my opinion this was the “real” bad guy of the movie. The character of Detective Trupo was the epitome of pure evil. Though Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe have Oscars, I think they should both pass (for someone else to have one) this time around but I wouldn’t mind American Gangster being nominated for Best Picture of the Year.

The movie of the year I have been waiting for

Me and my friend Joe have waited over 4 months over the release of this film and finally tomorrow night we get a chance to see American Gangster.   This is definately a two thumbs up movie and I hope to make a movie review about it shortly after I see the movie that stars Oscar winning actors Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.