My two thumbs up for American Gangster


Me and Joe finally seen the most anticipated movie of the year American Gangster this past weekend and it deserves the two thumbs up. Just to remind you, it is more of a storyline drama rather than an action flick (though there is some action but don’t let the trailer deceive you) and of course, the main stars  Academy Award Winners Russell Crowe (Detective Roberts) and Denzel Washington (Frank Lucas) do a great job in telling the story of how both their stories in how a supercompetent boy-scout type, by-the-book narcotics officer (who is in extreme difficulty in keeping his family together) and a ruthless, shrewd businessman-like black mafia crime boss who is successful in importing illegal drugs (through US soldier’s coffins during the Vietnam War) who somehow knows how to keep his family together have their worlds collide. There is in some circles rumblings that this glorifies Frank Lucas or as someone said, it “pretty’s” him up. If these same people wanted a two-dimensional character of Frank Lucas, they were just wasting their $10 at the movie. Both the characters of Detective Roberts (Crowe) and Frank Lucas (Washington) are complex and very multidimensional  individuals and portray them in a two-dimensional way does not do justice. I am a very tough law and order, hang-’em-high type but I did feel sympathy for the character of Frank Lucas. I am not at this stage going to spoil the movie but you will discover that Lucas mentions a traumatic event in his childhood that probably effected him psychologically for years to come. At the same time this is not an excuse for his crimes and misdemeanours but it’s somewhat of an understanding that he did what he had to do to survive. If only his business skills were to put to legitimate use. The character I felt with the most contempt and vitrolic eternal hatred was the character played by Josh Brolin (Detective Trupo) who was an egotistical (and proud of it), authoritarian, fascist, abusive, corrupt and even cowardly policeman. I have never liked any person in authority who has abused their power and firmly believe that these type of people need to be brought down by force by any means necessary! If there is a hell (and I believe there is),  a person like Detective Trupo deserves to be roasting for trillions of years screaming out loud. In my opinion this was the “real” bad guy of the movie. The character of Detective Trupo was the epitome of pure evil. Though Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe have Oscars, I think they should both pass (for someone else to have one) this time around but I wouldn’t mind American Gangster being nominated for Best Picture of the Year.

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