Thumbs up to Shay!


For last week’s show on the U.S. based NPR for giving her two cents about a 15 year old teenager getting a 60 year sentence for a brutal assault on an 8 year old girl. Booker Rising’s Shay, out of all the guests on Farai Chideya’s show, was pro-victim and was pro-sentence. I back up Shay with the old saying, “If you’re old enough to do the crime, you are old enough to the time!” I can thank God that this kid was sentenced in the U.S. where they believe in nice and long sentences instead of Canada, where we have the Young Offender’s Act where he would have gotten a waay lighter sentence, unless if he was tried as an adult (but up here you get 25 years for murder, plus you may get paroled earlier). Shay is right, the U.S. black (and may I add every other) community was protected from this evil.

Listen Here to the show taped last Wednesday.

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