Intelligent quote of the day

[W]ith few exceptions, our society belittles and stigmatizes the display of intelligence or knowledge. Can you think one example of a positive icon of an intelligent person? Think of any word or phrase we use for bright people………….nerd, geek, squint, einstein, know-it-all, chinese student, egghead, lab rat……..all are derogatory. How can we expect anyone to do well in school when to do so is to be cursed. That any do learn and excell is a tribute to them individually, as our society certainly does not foster learning.

—A guy with the pseudonym “Nerd” on TVO’s The Agenda’s blog discussing the issue of black focused schools.

Bhutto legacy lives on, Pakistan fight for freedom


A fanatical coward had his perverse delightful wish in terminating the life of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. At least Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan were men when they were caught by police  and brought to justice when they committed their despicable act of assassinating the Kennedy brothers John (1963) and Bobby(1968). This coward who shot Bhutto decided to also end his life by blowing himself up and taking 20 people with him. Again this is a cowardly act.  I can only pray that this weazel coward for assassin’s spirit is in hell tormented for eternity in front of a God who believes in justice! There are some who want me to grant this evil assassin automatic forgiveness. I can’t. I feel it would be immoral to do otherwise. Yes, automatic forgiveness is tantamount to letting this man off the hook. It’s just like saying, “Oh well, you were angry and I feel your pain.”  Doing that I feel,  is pure wickedness itself and rubbing salt in the wound to the memory of Benazir Bhutto while her blood cries out for justice. Some may argue that the point that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter but what about Benazir??? Yes, of  course, as the Toronto Sun (and my friend at work Nazir) said she was no saint but didn’t she fight for freedom too? She was like a brave soldier, she knew her life would be danger  if she returned to Pakistan from exile but duty called and decided to go above and beyond the call of duty.  To do otherwise would be negligence and indifference. This freedom fighter—Benazir Bhutto as opposed to her wicked assassin believed that there should be respect amongst all people. The assassin’s world view was that he wanted everybody’s submission to his world view without question! Any disagreement, even slight will have severe penalties and he sure put that into practice. Benazir Bhutto never used a gun or bomb to prove her point. It was her mind and intelligence that were used a great weapons.  She believed that Pakistan must be free and should be free. She wanted free and fair elections, equal rights for women, the rule of law, no more kangaroo courts but courts that are there to interpret and uphold the law! This is of course is too radical for those who want Pakistan to be part of a Radical Islamic theocracy. It is also my hope and prayer  as those who think the struggle for democracy in Pakistan is dead, may the movement become only stronger, powerful and inevitable.  Now is the time for Pakistani citizens to stand up and fight for democracy. They need to fight to win (ruthlessly, there is no other choice now) and have that American spirit that  they will NOT tolerate losing!  Americans see losing as repugnant and repellant. If Pakistanis have that same spark, the dream of Bhutto will live on and the forces of Islamofacism will be crused! God speed that day! Rest in peace Mrs.Bhutto, your dream will live on! No one will ever kill it!

Goodbye Oscar Peterson: 1925-2007

Sadly during the Christmas holidays, we lost a great Canadian jazz icon by the name of Oscar Peterson who passed away from a long illness at 82. Again for those who are under the age of 25 and who have never heard of Oscar Peterson, again I refer you to wikipedia to get to know him, his life and music at and while you’re at, here is a sample of what this man was all about. Thank you Oscar for showing us what real good quality music is (may the younger generation take serious note) and rest well!

Some good ol’ music to ease the troubled soul

Whoops!!! I know I haven’t posted here that much but I want to keep a promise that I made earlier on (September). I said I was going to bring a video from The Four Seasons in December and I can’t believe that December (let alone 2007) is almost finished! Well, here it is December 1963 (Oh What A Night)! With the tragic events that have happened this week (and the whole world is still trying to make sense of a wicked senseless tragedy, yes I am talking about the Bhutto assassination and boy, I will talk later about it)—it is time to take a breather-a time out and enjoy some good music from yesteryear to ease all of our troubled minds.

Thank you Dan Fogelberg


 DAN FOGELBERG 1951-2007

56 years old is waay to young to leave this earth but I want to thank Dan Fogelberg for the wonderful, soft easy listening music he has left behind (today’s musicians should take note). On his website at, he gave a “mini-sermon” before his passing about the importance of us men getting checked for prostate cancer (the disease which eventually claimed his life Sunday morning) in which he recommended that if your family had a history of it, get checked at age 40 as opposed to age 50.  The year 2010 which is about 2 years from now, I will be 40 (wow!)—I will hope Dr.Parris (or whoever’s my physician that year) will take note. To those who don’t know much about Dan Fogelberg (that would be the under 25’s), read wikipedia’s biography on him at and to all here is some of his wonderful music courtesy May all enjoy the wonderful legacy given to us.

Shay is NOT a happy camper!

emily-threlkeld.jpgWhy???  This woman, Emily Threlkeld, going to be the future wife of former U.S. Congressman Harold Ford Jr., as proposed to her this past October.  I can safely(?) say that  Booker Rising’s Shay is NOT amused (and might I say probably furious like eternal fire)!  Thank God I am in Canada, we don’t have hangups like this as they do in the U.S. (or at least overtly). Heh, our Governor General Michaelle Jean is married to a white dude (an old one but I’m going to stop it on that topic). All I know is this, when  I do get married (and I hope it is soon, the years 2010 or 2011 would be nice, but I got to find a girl) and have a political career (hopefully in the 2010’s but realistically maybe in the mid 2020’s and being the first black Premier of Ontario would be nice!)—Shay will be noticing that woman (yes, Shay I wish it was that woman see— but that’s probably not going to happen, internet penpals, nothing more)—like a hawk! Whew! As for my view on Harold Ford’s choice of marriage: I would rather see him have a very long, God-centered, happy, healthy and loving marriage to a woman regardless of what her ethnicity or race is as opposed to an unhealthy, marriage of convienence or a marriage a corporate business arrangement (which it seems marriage today is being treated as such).  My sincere wishes are with Congressman Ford and his fiance. God bless both of them.

 Read the coverage of some who do not share my blessings for the couple at Big D.C. at