Shay is NOT a happy camper!

emily-threlkeld.jpgWhy???  This woman, Emily Threlkeld, going to be the future wife of former U.S. Congressman Harold Ford Jr., as proposed to her this past October.  I can safely(?) say that  Booker Rising’s Shay is NOT amused (and might I say probably furious like eternal fire)!  Thank God I am in Canada, we don’t have hangups like this as they do in the U.S. (or at least overtly). Heh, our Governor General Michaelle Jean is married to a white dude (an old one but I’m going to stop it on that topic). All I know is this, when  I do get married (and I hope it is soon, the years 2010 or 2011 would be nice, but I got to find a girl) and have a political career (hopefully in the 2010’s but realistically maybe in the mid 2020’s and being the first black Premier of Ontario would be nice!)—Shay will be noticing that woman (yes, Shay I wish it was that woman see— but that’s probably not going to happen, internet penpals, nothing more)—like a hawk! Whew! As for my view on Harold Ford’s choice of marriage: I would rather see him have a very long, God-centered, happy, healthy and loving marriage to a woman regardless of what her ethnicity or race is as opposed to an unhealthy, marriage of convienence or a marriage a corporate business arrangement (which it seems marriage today is being treated as such).  My sincere wishes are with Congressman Ford and his fiance. God bless both of them.

 Read the coverage of some who do not share my blessings for the couple at Big D.C. at

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