Thank you Dan Fogelberg


 DAN FOGELBERG 1951-2007

56 years old is waay to young to leave this earth but I want to thank Dan Fogelberg for the wonderful, soft easy listening music he has left behind (today’s musicians should take note). On his website at, he gave a “mini-sermon” before his passing about the importance of us men getting checked for prostate cancer (the disease which eventually claimed his life Sunday morning) in which he recommended that if your family had a history of it, get checked at age 40 as opposed to age 50.  The year 2010 which is about 2 years from now, I will be 40 (wow!)—I will hope Dr.Parris (or whoever’s my physician that year) will take note. To those who don’t know much about Dan Fogelberg (that would be the under 25’s), read wikipedia’s biography on him at and to all here is some of his wonderful music courtesy May all enjoy the wonderful legacy given to us.

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