Bhutto legacy lives on, Pakistan fight for freedom


A fanatical coward had his perverse delightful wish in terminating the life of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. At least Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan were men when they were caught by police  and brought to justice when they committed their despicable act of assassinating the Kennedy brothers John (1963) and Bobby(1968). This coward who shot Bhutto decided to also end his life by blowing himself up and taking 20 people with him. Again this is a cowardly act.  I can only pray that this weazel coward for assassin’s spirit is in hell tormented for eternity in front of a God who believes in justice! There are some who want me to grant this evil assassin automatic forgiveness. I can’t. I feel it would be immoral to do otherwise. Yes, automatic forgiveness is tantamount to letting this man off the hook. It’s just like saying, “Oh well, you were angry and I feel your pain.”  Doing that I feel,  is pure wickedness itself and rubbing salt in the wound to the memory of Benazir Bhutto while her blood cries out for justice. Some may argue that the point that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter but what about Benazir??? Yes, of  course, as the Toronto Sun (and my friend at work Nazir) said she was no saint but didn’t she fight for freedom too? She was like a brave soldier, she knew her life would be danger  if she returned to Pakistan from exile but duty called and decided to go above and beyond the call of duty.  To do otherwise would be negligence and indifference. This freedom fighter—Benazir Bhutto as opposed to her wicked assassin believed that there should be respect amongst all people. The assassin’s world view was that he wanted everybody’s submission to his world view without question! Any disagreement, even slight will have severe penalties and he sure put that into practice. Benazir Bhutto never used a gun or bomb to prove her point. It was her mind and intelligence that were used a great weapons.  She believed that Pakistan must be free and should be free. She wanted free and fair elections, equal rights for women, the rule of law, no more kangaroo courts but courts that are there to interpret and uphold the law! This is of course is too radical for those who want Pakistan to be part of a Radical Islamic theocracy. It is also my hope and prayer  as those who think the struggle for democracy in Pakistan is dead, may the movement become only stronger, powerful and inevitable.  Now is the time for Pakistani citizens to stand up and fight for democracy. They need to fight to win (ruthlessly, there is no other choice now) and have that American spirit that  they will NOT tolerate losing!  Americans see losing as repugnant and repellant. If Pakistanis have that same spark, the dream of Bhutto will live on and the forces of Islamofacism will be crused! God speed that day! Rest in peace Mrs.Bhutto, your dream will live on! No one will ever kill it!

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