This Canadian’s picks for the next U.S. President


Some may ask where have I been? I have been blogging on my other site at Life After WCG but have not put up new posts on this blog.  The current work schedule I am under can make this a little difficult but neverthless I will try to put something new.  This is my first post of 2008 and the year is still young and I still welcome all a happy new year that is of course, healthy, prosperous and joyous!

Would you believe President Bush has exactly a year left in office? At this time January 20th, 2009, a new President of the United States will be sworn in office at approximately 12:00 p.m EST. How do I feel about the eight years of the Bush administration? Though I never had any personal animosity toward Bush (I actually liked his folksy nature), I thought his administration was a sad collection of missed opportunities but this is not the time to dwell on that. That is another subject for another time.

Imagine for a moment—just a moment—that former US Vice-President Al Gore (of Inconvenient Truth fame!) gave me, Felix Taylor, a special opportunity to vote for that next President—but Al would only let me vote for only the party that he is a part of: A Democrat! Who would that be? I will admit my choice would be a gamble. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton—not just because she not the easiest person to get along with (which she is, there is no denying it)—but I don’t think eight years in the Senate is still not enough. Forget being an activist First Lady of the United States. Experience is not a bad thing. On the other hand—the Democratic choice of mine would be Barack Obama. “But Felix, Barack does not have experience,” one may ask and that is definately true. He only is in the US Senate for over 3 years now and before that at least seven years in the Illinois state senate.  He can always refer to another Illinois-based politician who later became President, Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln only served a two year term in Congress and four terms  (approximately 9 years) in in the Illinois Legislature. Unless if you are a libertarian neo-confederate, you would agree that Abraham Lincoln turned out just fine.  Yes, Barack to me seems like he’s the second coming of Bobby Kennedy, he electrifies and inspires but I know you are asking, “Felix! What about the experience?!” Well, it is my belief that Barack is a very iron-willed personality, who doesn’t flinch easily and is very aggressive in getting what he wants.  The “Kenyan” side of him does show ( I have a Kenyan friend at work, pretty iron-willed and confident too!)—not a bad thing in my books—and you need a president just like that!  I wish Obama a lot of luck and I pray that he continues to give Hillary a run for her money in the coming months ahead. So maybe, just maybe,we can exempt Obama from experience. It seems that he has the attitude that he “knows what to do.” It is also my hope that he will start a trend in the United States and Canada (which is desperately needed I feel) of more blacks running for public office. The more that run, the less feelings of disenfranchisement will be common place for blacks in North America.

If I had the opportunity to vote for a Republican, the first choice would be John McCain, Senator from Arizona. There is no argument that he is a qualified for president. A distinguished war hero and POW during the Vietnam War and a long career in the United States Senate.  Straight-talking and tough talking guy who will tell you the truth even if it hurts.  I wish he was younger (he will be 72 in August) but if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination and if McCain wins the Republican nomination, I will pray that he gives her a good fight and will even serve eight years through two terms (2009-2017), when the time he leaves office he will be a healthy 80 year old (have you seen his mom, she’s probably in her mid ’90’s and is in great shape!). Another choice is Rudy Giuliani. He is an exciting, spicy politician but sadly with a lot of baggage. Bill Maher of HBO’s Real Time will guarantee Rudy a hard time if he does well in the primaries. Bill remembers Rudy’s mistake of where the command center should have been during the first WTC bombing in ’93. Bill will do his damndest to prove that Rudy’s not all that. On the other hand, Rudy has did made some other bad judgements he made that might come to bite him you know where (think about his referral to Bush on Benard Kerrick and how that exploded).  Mike Huckabee, I like a lot! Cool, calm, slick but is convicted about his beliefs and ideas. Very conservative in his social conservatism but at the same time he’s not angry, visceral  and judgemental in his world view as other Republicans behaved.  He has fresh ideas but some ideological libertarian-conservatives have labelled him RINO at best, socialist at worst. I don’t think we have heard the last of him. I know he won’t win the nomination but he will make a good v.p. candidate under McCain or Guliani anyday. If there is a Democrat in the White House, I am definately sure Huckabee will be the nominee in 2012 and/or 2016 elections.

Oh by the way, I congratulate Senator McCain and Governor Huckabee on their night in the South Carolina primary! I am satisfied with the results. 

Whatever becomes of this election, it will truly be most unique, interesting and exciting elections in recent memory.Here is to interesting times ahead.

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