Coming home after the afternoon shift at work where you are insulated from information from the outside, I was informed that Keith Ledger died of an apparent drug overdose. I have experienced shock, a feeling of strangeness and sadness over the tragedy. As a movie goer I have seen him through the years from the late 1990’s  in various movies like Ten Things I Hate About You,  The Patriot, The Four Feathers, definately A Knight’s Tale andn The Brothers Grimm. I have yet to see Brokeback Mountain  on DVD(which will be another strange feeling now that he is gone) and will definately pay my final tribute to him in his most likely his last film Batman: The Dark Night as The Joker.  28 years old is waay to young to leave the scene on this planet. Thank you Heath sooo much for the wonderful acting you produced in such a short time. You were truly a GREAT young actor and movie history will in no doubt revere you. Rest in peace.

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