For fellow Canadians Sarah Polley and Ellen Page who were both nominated for Academy Awards for February 24th. Sarah Polley receives the Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay in last year’s movie Away From Her and 20 year old Ellen Page of Halifax, Nova Scotia received a nomination for Best Actress in quirky teen pregnancy film “Juno”.  A friend of mine at work (who’s girlfriend was working on the project of Away From Her) was telling me waay back in the summer of last year that Oscar buzz was going around for this film. Talk about right on the money!  I have meant to see this film in the theatres last year (difficult to find a date for a good chick flick and I say this in a positive light) and tried to rent the DVD but never got around to it. Don’t worry Tom, I will make a point of it seeing it on DVD this year (if before the Oscars, the better!). I am glad that Canadians are slowly but surely making their mark on motion pictures. May I also congratulate Jason Reitman (Canadian born in Montreal) on his nomination from his work on Juno which was Best Original Screenplay. All of them face stiff competition from other nominees but I wish all of them luck and continue to make Canada proud!

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