Fit babe of the month: The very hot Tracy Guarino!

l_80bd76f2e6aac6dd6231061524f33925.jpg Now for a little eye candy for my 38th birthday today (and of course a treat for the guys!): I am sooo in love with this woman. I think I should get buy a ring and propose…well that maybe getting a little ahead of myself.  If you see this Buff Beauties video at you can understand my flaming desire for this woman. When it comes to 00:40, I just want to say, “Okay, I want to have my child with you. This is NOW the opportunity!” This 36 year old hot flaming devil of a fitness model is of all things in her day job an accountant! Yes, you heard it, she crunches numbers in the day time! What an inspiration!

Her site is

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