Waste of taxpayers dollars


 I took this picture of the intersection of Weston and Sheppard in the fall of last year in 2007 after “construction” season on Weston road (which was a pain in the ass for me trying to come to work on time and hitting the gym). Would you believe that this Maple Leaf on the intersection of  Weston and Sheppard had come to the cost of $600,000? I think $600,000 of Toronto taxpayers money could have been used more effectively than this but this is the City of Toronto where City Council cannot admit it has a spending problem and not a revenue problem.

Right on again Michael!!!

corenagain1.jpg I am glad those like Michael Coren are standing up to the liberalized, politically correct stupidity of Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams who believes that some form of Sharia law must exist in Britain. Me and Michael say NO to Sharia! Read Michael’s rant at http://www.torontosun.com/News/Columnists/Coren_Michael/2008/02/16/4851683-sun.php





I want to pay a belated tribute to another accomplished fine actor who left us two Sundays ago after years of battling cancer which ended in the least expected and desired way we expected. Thank you for your work in The French Connection Jaws, Marathon Man and many other notable works. The last recent movie I saw him was in The Punisher back in 2004 with Thomas Jane and according to imdb.com has two final movies two be released sometime this year. Again thank you for your accomplished work,  it will be long remembered and rest in peace, sir.

This is “THE REAL” Obama Girl!

A very articulate, intelligent and very focused woman Michelle Obama, wife U.S. Senator and U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama. This man was truly smart in picking the right woman.  This is what great couples are made of!  As a result, I must apologize to Amber Ettinger and conclude (rightfully) that Michelle Obama is real and true “Obama Girl”. Enjoy Monday’s Larry King Live’s interview with Michelle Obama, who in my opinion would make a great First Lady.

And from Christine Lydon…


Another fitness model  with a great strong body, whom I adore (she was Babe of the Month on my old blog), Christine Lydon—an American—now living in Canada—British Columbia to be exact, has released a new book Ten Years Thinner and has a website regarding it. I am still glad she has NOT fallen off the radar screen and is still preaching the gospel of good health and disease prevention. In her website, she mentions that she studied for an MD but never practiced it. Here’s her conclusions on the modern medical practice that was probably a key factor:

Medical school cured my fantasy.

I quickly learned that most people who suffered from serious medical conditions would never be “as good as new,” that treatable almost never meant curable, and that drug side effects could be just as devastating as the illnesses they were intended to alleviate. Moreover, I was appalled by the alarming degree to which the pharmaceutical industry shaped my medical education. By pouring billions of dollars every year into drug research, pharmaceutical companies subsidize the education of every physician who graduates from an American medical school. The upshot of this arrangement is a medical system that places inordinate emphasis on disease treatment without the slightest attention to disease prevention. And as a result, most doctors are shockingly ignorant about the most fundamental aspects of healthy living.

The hypocrisy of healthcare hit me hardest when I was a surgical resident. During my albeit brief tenure as an orthopaedic intern, I spent over one hundred hours per week within the dreary confines of County Hospital. In my profound state of sleep deprivation, things like regular exercise and healthy eating quickly fell by the wayside. Unfortunately, the only reliably palatable items dispensed by the hospital cafeteria were baked goods. Dessert became the main source of pleasure in my life.

Later on she says:

Obviously, I cannot single-handedly revolutionize health care. Shifting the emphasis from disease treatment to disease prevention would involve a large-scale overhaul of the entire medical establishment– something that is not likely to happen any time soon. Unfortunately, that does not change the fact that, in the real world, the only completely reliable way to “cure” disease is to stop it from happening in the first place. But don’t expect to unearth a wealth of knowledge about disease prevention at your doctor’s office.

Christine, you maybe right that you may not change healthcare singlehandedly but you are of many who are planting seeds of a revolution. Viva La Revolucion, Christine!

The website on Christine’s book is at http://www.tenyearsthinner.com/.

Get well soon Shay!!!


As Shay of Booker Rising explains:


My regular readers may remember that some weeks ago, I said that I will be undergoing a hysterectomy soon to eliminate submucosal fibroids, the severe (and sometimes life-threatening) anemia that I’ve experience from them, & other complications. Tomorrow, the surgery will be done on me. I will be in the hospital for three or four days.During my absence, I have selected Angela Winters, the moderate webmaster of Politopics blog and she has graciously agreed to do a few posts over the next few days. I wanted someone who will bring a balanced perspective during my temporary absence. One of my teen cousins will also post a few items that I have written.

My word to Shay: Get well soon and KICK ASS!