BARRY MORSE: 1918-2008 

His character on the 60’s hit TV show,  The Fugitive was a guy you loved (and I mean really love) to hate with all your being, mind and soul. He played a police detective who was fanatically and faithfully overzealous in his stubborn belief that a young doctor who was really innocent, murdered his wife and was in hot pursuit of this man (who was fleeing from justice after escaping from a train accident in which he was scheduled to be executed) for 4 years until he finally learned that this man was innocent from the beginning. This doctor Richard Kimble forgave the man was in pursuit of him Detective Phillip Gerrard (Detective Gerrard would have been in the doghouse if he dared to pursue me in that fashion! I am of the school of “God is for mercy! I am for justice!”).  Thank you Barry Morse for playing such a great role you did—as I seen episodes of The Fugitive on A&E and Global back in the early ’90’s. Rest in peace, sir.

Read wikipedia’s biography on this late great British-Canadian actor at

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