Thumbs up to 21!


I also give 2 thumbs up for the movie 21 that stars Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and Jim Sturgess. Michael Phillips, movie critic on Ebert and Roeper didn’t like it but Roeper had the good sense to recognize that this movie which raked in at least 23.7 million this weekend wasn’t that bad.  I wouldn’t mind reading the book, Bringing Down The House which the movie was based on.

Guess whose back in business

I have waiting a very, very, long time for this latest instalment of  Indiana Jones. It’s about time Steven, George and Harrison! Rising young star Shia LaBeouf is in this too (I like him a lot—he was great in Disturbia and Transformers). Should not be boring.

 Also the Austin Power’s gang is back but in something that is totally different and definately unique Mike Myers style. Megan Good in shot 0:47 is definately flaming hot!!!

 I was uneasy about Ed Norton taking over the role of Bruce Banner from Eric Bana in the latest version of The Incredible Hulk. I think he does well on his own.

This is David Patterson—and HE IS THE GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK!!!

 I wished I would have seen the New York Governor’s inauguration live (would have been  really, really nice  if I was at the New York Legislature—but I have a day job to do and I do it well!) but seeing it on will do.  I would thought Governor Patterson would be a bland fellow. How wrong I was! This man has a wicked sense of humour (which is desperately needed during the state’s difficult time) and very charismatic. If Rudy Giuliani decides to run for Governor in 2010, it probably might not be a cakewalk that he may expect( I actually like Rudy as a person, can’t stand his bad judgement though). I personally give my prayers for Governor Patterson for challenges times ahead that will effect New York State, a state (of quite a few) that borders my province that I reside, Ontario. I also give my sincere prayers to his immediate predecessor former Governor Elliot Spitzer. I have been sick and tired of the Spitzer-bashing festival. Even Neo-Conservative bloggist Adam Daifallah was correct in saying that rejoicing in the fall of Spitzer is unseemly. We need to pray for the total holistic healing for this man and his family—not to satire him for  example a stupid ad that I seen in a newspaper which says, “I am getting tired of being treated a number.” What I am I saying is, “This is no time for a party!” Sadly, Wall Street just did that and I say, “Shame on them!” For his “mistress”—which I will not name and believe you me, I am in no way going to advertise her site—has sent more mixed messages for women period! North America needs a comphrensive review of what women should aspire.  She has no right to profit of a man’s downfall and the last thing she needs is a pat on the back. Penthouse is simply “rewarding” this woman’s (mis)conduct (by wanting her to pose on their website) and this “mistress” has had released some songs on the internet and is getting at least a hundred thousand hits. It is time that this woman lives a life of integrity and job of integrity.  My boss and supervisor at work can sign her up to work as a Shipping Associate—which I proudly serve at my workplace! The wage may a little low but the benefits good, may not be glamourous to some but it is job you can serve with integrity! There is some people thinking that I am being to soft on former Governor Spitzer. So be it, they are entitled to such a view. I am just allowing his wife and kids to be the harshest critics on his misconduct and that is their rightful place, not mine. They suffered betrayal and perplexment beyond belief and I am sure the wife and former Governor Spitzer’s daughters are doing the job quite nicely thank you. Let’s get back to what I really wanted to show about New York States’s future and it started with yesterday’s inaugural address by David Patterson who is the Governor of New York!





Ahh the good ol’ days when “country club” conservatism was chic. It was civil and respected the intellect. It enjoyed rigourous debate and it was not merely about shouting eachother down. Debate was a SKILL and William F. Buckley proved it so.  I remember watching the PBS show Firing Line back in the ’90’s and he had a wonderful debate with former Ontario Premier Bob Rae about health care. I will only say, now that’s a REAL debate and we should have more of them of that kind! Contrast that from todays conservatives such as the vindictive and insensitive loudmouths like Rush Limbaugh or Anne Coulter who seem to have a hard time deciphering that politics is NOT inflexible religion. William F. Buckley’s death last week signified an end of an era but I believe his works should and will live on. Will miss him and his articulate Mid-Atlantic accent. Rest in peace Mr.Buckley.

Thanks to Adam Daifallah who found this clip from with Charlie Rose interviewing Bill Buckley at 80 and giving a tribute to this great man after the clip.






Life is bitchingly unfair. Jeff Healy knew that. He had cancer in his formative years since age one which eventually made him lose his eyesight at a very young age. He had every constitutional right to be bitter, to be an angry raging bull and to hate life with a passion. He didn’t. He channelled such energies into music and boy he was one of Canada’s brightest and best musicians. His work through his songs was in no way shallow (Britney take note), his disability made sure that he would never, EVER take that route.  Sadly his lifetime battle with cancer was lost Sunday. Thank you Jeff for the memories and work you left behind. You will be missed but your work will live on. Rest in peace, Jeff.

I could not help but to add his song during my teen years “Angel Eyes”. Thanks again