Ahh the good ol’ days when “country club” conservatism was chic. It was civil and respected the intellect. It enjoyed rigourous debate and it was not merely about shouting eachother down. Debate was a SKILL and William F. Buckley proved it so.  I remember watching the PBS show Firing Line back in the ’90’s and he had a wonderful debate with former Ontario Premier Bob Rae about health care. I will only say, now that’s a REAL debate and we should have more of them of that kind! Contrast that from todays conservatives such as the vindictive and insensitive loudmouths like Rush Limbaugh or Anne Coulter who seem to have a hard time deciphering that politics is NOT inflexible religion. William F. Buckley’s death last week signified an end of an era but I believe his works should and will live on. Will miss him and his articulate Mid-Atlantic accent. Rest in peace Mr.Buckley.

Thanks to Adam Daifallah who found this clip from with Charlie Rose interviewing Bill Buckley at 80 and giving a tribute to this great man after the clip.


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