A fitting year long tribute to Tim Russert: Tom Brokaw interim moderator of Meet The Press

I was shocked as everyone else to be informed about the sudden and tragic passing of  Meet The Press moderator Tim Russert during the middle of this month. On my other blog Post WCG Life and Theology I gave a tribute with spiritual overtones about Tim’s passing.  After my grief of a loss of such a great man in every sense of the word, I am elated that it has beem decided that Tom Brokaw will be interim moderator of Meet the Press until the November U.S. presidential elections are finished. I was guessing and hoping that this would be the case and now it is! I grew up watching NBC Nightly News when Tom Brokaw held the anchor’s chair. Yes, this does bring Tom Brokaw out of retirement of sorts but it’s good to see him again on a regular basis this year after he gave up the anchor’s chair nearly 4 years ago. They say that this year’s election is sooo important than anyother in year’s past and Tom Brokaw, a good friend of Tim Russert, definately has what it takes to ask the relevant and detailed questions that need to be raised in a calm, respectful and intelligent manner as Tim Russert did. If Tom has managed to read this Canadian blogger’s post, I want to tell him two things: Make Tim proud and have lots of fun with your interim role at Meet The Press!


Hey guys, I’m still around!!!


Again, with work schedules and my time on my other blog Post WCG Life and Theology at http://lifeafterwcg2.wordpress.com/ have scaled back considerably my time on this blog. I am hoping at least this month to break from the other blog and devote some more time here.  I know a lot has been going on and I want to comment about some current events.  Obamamania is a subject that is mandatory for me to delve in. You must give kudos to a man who brought down an establishment canidate (Hillary Clinton) and became the presumtive Democratic nominee. To be honest, he was not my kind of ideal black presidential canidate. I was hoping for someone more centre-right (a black version of Jack Kemp)  but as the old saying goes “beggars cannot be choosers”. It is a beautiful thing that in the United States, finally a black man is nominated as presidential canidate and who knows he may be President of the United States.  I also firmly believe that an Obama presidency would be a good thing for blacks and other visible minorities both in the United States and Canada  to run for public office on a higher scale than ever before.  Forget political parties: Conservative, Liberal, NDP (for Canada); Republican, Democrat, Independent (United States)—will ALL will benefit. Also, an Obama presidency may trigger more black men in professional positions (Hurray!!! You don’t have to see us in manual labour positions all the time!).  Okay, Neville Brothers compose your new song “Thank you Barack Obama!”  This is going to get hardline conservative African American blogger by the name of “Republican Brother” steaming angry but I want to assure “Republican Brother” that I do have some reservations of an Obama presidency.  I am not with Obama on his acceptance of partial birth abortion, I don’t believe that we have to be “Mr.Rogers” with the enemies of the U.S. (McCain’s fear of God approach I like much better) and I am concerned with him on how much he will raise taxes (I am not a tax cut of  the month fanatic but at the same time I don’t believe you can spend your way out of economic slumps or recessions, Bob Rae tried it in Ontario—it didn’t work). It is true that many Canadians welcome a Barack Obama presidency with enthusiasm but this Canadian has some rightly thought out concerns at the same time.

I didn’t mean to ramble on about Obama but I just did and I am sure a lot of bloggists this summer are going to ramble about the same thing as we get closer to the Republican and Democratic nominations this summer. I just want to tell you that on this blog, you will definately continue to see some fit pretty ladies and some good ol’ fashioned music. I love the ’80’s! I want this blog to be a lot of fun too (remember the saying: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy—sooo true!)! I’ll see around shortly, I hope.