A fitting year long tribute to Tim Russert: Tom Brokaw interim moderator of Meet The Press

I was shocked as everyone else to be informed about the sudden and tragic passing of  Meet The Press moderator Tim Russert during the middle of this month. On my other blog Post WCG Life and Theology I gave a tribute with spiritual overtones about Tim’s passing.  After my grief of a loss of such a great man in every sense of the word, I am elated that it has beem decided that Tom Brokaw will be interim moderator of Meet the Press until the November U.S. presidential elections are finished. I was guessing and hoping that this would be the case and now it is! I grew up watching NBC Nightly News when Tom Brokaw held the anchor’s chair. Yes, this does bring Tom Brokaw out of retirement of sorts but it’s good to see him again on a regular basis this year after he gave up the anchor’s chair nearly 4 years ago. They say that this year’s election is sooo important than anyother in year’s past and Tom Brokaw, a good friend of Tim Russert, definately has what it takes to ask the relevant and detailed questions that need to be raised in a calm, respectful and intelligent manner as Tim Russert did. If Tom has managed to read this Canadian blogger’s post, I want to tell him two things: Make Tim proud and have lots of fun with your interim role at Meet The Press!


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