A tribute for Tony Snow 1955-2008

Saturday morning surfing on the internet before going to my company picnic, I was informed of the passing of journalist and former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, whose battle with cancer ended in the way we least desired. In the early to mid 1990’s, I remember him back as Rush Limbaugh’s substitute on his radio show (looking back, it would have been nice if Tony was permanent). Also I remember him making a statement about the Republican party should shed it’s image of being a political party for only white people. Right on Tony! Somebody had to say that! He had a wonderful attitude and a positive glow—even when this dreaded disease of cancer got the best of him.  Not just a man of faith, but of VERY STRONG faith. He believed that we were not promised tomorrow in this life but of ETERNAL LIFE in the next and believed that until the very end. We all miss you Tony, rest in peace.

I found a tribute video for Tony at Youtube.com for all to watch and commemorate the exciting life of this man.

Good old school music from the ’80’s

Back when me and my brother Rob were teenagers during the mid-to late 1980’s, my brother made it a point to regularly (and perhaps religiously) listen to a Buffalo, New York station which was based from it’s suburb called Depew called WBLK, a station that played music by predominately from African Americans, throw in a little blue eyed soul here and there. I remember my brother taping this song which I loved so much. I wanted to know who sang this song for a long time. A British pop group SC8 remade this song a while back.  So I searched the internet and found out who did this original version of this song called, “Big Fun”—it was a long time group called The Gap Band which were successful back in the ’70’s and 80’s. I used to thought it was Stevie Wonder but I was proven wrong. Enjoy this catchy tune called, “Big Fun” and feel free to dance, if necessary!


A man with a plan


Saw this man’s commercial on CNN last night. You got to hand it an 80 year old but very active oil businessman who’s concern is to give the next generation a head start when it comes to alternative energy. For both candidates for the U.S. presidency (McCain and Obama) to shrug this man’s plan off do so at their deteriment. Here is the commercial I had seen on CNN—I don’t know what I’d do without YouTube.

…but definately a tribute to George Carlin


It is hard to believe that it has been two weeks since we’ve lost comedian George Carlin. Believe it or not as a person of faith, I liked him.  If it has to be an atheist to expose the hypocrisy, the legalism, the irrationality and fanaticism of organized religion, so be it! He did it well and he also sure trained Bill Maher well when it came to the topic. I wished George had another decade to live but it wasn’t meant to be but I think we all know that he died a happy man with a legacy. Enjoy this youtube.com clip doing a nice tribute to this man.

No tributes to Jesse Helms here


I don’t understand why conservative Republicans feel a need to praise recently departed former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms. This African Canadian up here in Canada, who hold some conservative views don’t see a need. to be blunt, I am very relieved that he is gone. I have held very strong feelings against this man. I even on a couple years ago on the Booker Rising blog I wished this man would go to hell. A fellow person of faith on the blog objected to that idea and wished God’s mercy for the man.  It is tough to praise a man who was indifferent, insensitive and even actively promoted the stifling of visible minorities, African Americans in particular. He said, “thank you” to a caller on The Larry King Show when the caller was praising this “Senator” “for keeping the n—–s in their place.” Was unapologetic about his ant-civil rights past saying that segregation was going to end anyway. Yeah, yeah–he was anti-communist, so I am I. But there is smart anti-communists and he was sure a dumb anti-intellectual anti-communist. He was so fanatical about the embargo against Cuba and that do it away with it would be tanatamount of appeasing Hitler in the late 1930’s. Nonsense. Cuba needs an economic bombardment from the United States—very badly. This is the way to get rid of both Castros (but that is another post). I am rather disturbed that a friend of mine (and a fellow bloggist) who is conservative joined the throng of other conservatives who felt a need to give tribute (in which I was offended) saying that Helms was  pivotal in the conservative movement. I would add he was one of the leaders of the dark side of the force in the Republican party. As an article in one magazine in the mid-90’s aptly put it, “He has a view of a fundamentalist Christian society in which everyone is not welcome. If you could pick up the South Africa of 20 years ago and transplant it to America, that’s what he would do.”  This is not what the Republican should not be embracing but rather be violently rejecting. Some in the party need to learn that the means does not in ANY WAY justifies the end—meaning that maybe Jesse Helms may have given the Republican party attention—but sometimes certain attention shouldn’t be embraced and celebrated at all! As one former friend said of Jesse Helms, “He’s a dinosaur!” He sure was and I am glad that this dinosaur has gone to rest. Upward and ownward to the rise to Republicans who are progressive and conservative, unlike Helms who was regressive and ignorant.

Ignore the critics, see Hancock








With the movie Hancock, starring Will Smith, which debuted last week and was number 1 on the box office (with $66 million dollars) this past weekend—somebody was doing something right. Critics went in full aggressive mode to attack this movie because it failed their own expectations. They wanted a character (a bad guy) who had the powers of the superhero (played by Smith). It didn’t need to, it did have a bad guy who eventually emerged on the scene and did quite nicely thank you. Co-stars Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron also a do a good job.  To make a superhero was a unconventional and who is flawed was an idea that was bold but it brought out something out of the box.  Otherwise, the movie had the good old fashioned elements of an action movie. Go out, see it and enjoy it. Don’t let the nitpickers dampen your mood.