Ignore the critics, see Hancock








With the movie Hancock, starring Will Smith, which debuted last week and was number 1 on the box office (with $66 million dollars) this past weekend—somebody was doing something right. Critics went in full aggressive mode to attack this movie because it failed their own expectations. They wanted a character (a bad guy) who had the powers of the superhero (played by Smith). It didn’t need to, it did have a bad guy who eventually emerged on the scene and did quite nicely thank you. Co-stars Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron also a do a good job.  To make a superhero was a unconventional and who is flawed was an idea that was bold but it brought out something out of the box.  Otherwise, the movie had the good old fashioned elements of an action movie. Go out, see it and enjoy it. Don’t let the nitpickers dampen your mood.

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