Intelligent quote of the day

I really, really hate when people misuse the term “sex object”. The word “object” in that phrase has the same meaning as in the phrase “object of the preposition” or “object of my affection”, NOT as in the phrase “inanimate object”. Sexual desire is transitive; it requires an object. For a heterosexual man, women are indeed “sex objects”, and anyone who finds this distasteful had best come up with a new way for humans to reproduce, or else shut the hell up.

—Miss October. a pseudonym for an message board poster, ardently presenting her case and rightly having zero patience for feminist (and perhaps Christian fundamentalist) thinking that the phrase “sex object”  is a negative and evil thing all the time and submits that it can be positive thing—if the human race is going to continue to survive.  I say to Miss October, well said and KICK ASS!!!

2 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. heh, that’s interesting I guess. But I’m not sure I’m convinced by the linguistic philosophy behind it. Surely most people saying ‘sex object’ mean the word ‘object’ to contrast with ‘subject’. And most people hearing the phrase apply that meaning also.

    To say that a phrase ought to mean the opposite is interesting, but I don’t think it holds much water descriptively. If we were to take that advice generally communication would become impossible. We would all hear only what we wanted to hear.

  2. When people talk about “sex objects” they are making specific reference to an established set of theories which relate to the sexual objectification of women.

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