I hope we have NOT forgotten 7 years ago today!


I sometimes do not understand some people’s aversion to country music and their musicians. One thing it seems to me is that with country musicians they GET IT, while others just simply DON’T and have no desire to get it. I am talking, of course about 9-11 and the war against terror. I have always liked country musicians respect for God, country and family, while silly season left of centre elitists have without fail sneered and satirized their values time and time again.

To rub it in these elitists face, I present you a video from Youtube, a 9-11 tribute with the song, “Have You Forgotten” from Daryl Worley. I just now decided to put Daryl Worley’s own video  with the package. By the way,  like last year I am put the list of Canadian victims of the tragedy. I have NOT forgotten that this was also a Canadian tragedy as well.

Arczynski, Mike
Bailey, Garnet
Barkway, David
Basnicki, Ken
Collison, Joe
Connolly, Cindy
Dack, Arron
Egan, Christine
Egan, Michael
Elmarry, Albert
Ewart, Meredith
Feidelberg, Peter
Filipov, Alexander
Gerhardt, Ralph
Lee, Stuart
Ludvigsen, Mark
Mascarenhas, Bernard
McArthur, Colin
Pelletier, Mike
Robson, Donald
Santos, Rufino
Tomasevic, Vladimir
Vincelli, Chantal
                                                                                                                                                     Williams, Debbie


We too in Canada have an election


Despite a fixed date law scheduling an election on October 2009, the Prime Minister Stephen Harper used an exemption clause in this legislation by advising the Governor General, Michaelle Jean to dismiss the 39th session of Parliament, thus allowing an election a year earlier scheduled on October 14th.  Yes, there are those who will argue that he may have broken his own law—or at least he broke the “spirit” of the law. Well, anyway he used that clause to allow for that exception, us Canadian voters need to deal with it. It will come as no surprise that I will be supporting Conservative canidates like Alex Kuhn of Etobicoke Centre who may be able to take on the controversial Liberal MP Boris Wrzesnewkyj, former MP Etobicoke Lakeshore MP Patrick Boyer who wants to take on current Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff and definately long-time Canadian journalist Peter Kent in Thornhill. I hope to pick a weekend afternoon to help either of these canidates to give Stephen Harper a majority government he deserves. I don’t expect him nor would I want him to sweat excessively about getting more parliamentary seats in Ontario. If he did, he’d be wasting his time and would get another minority government. Also if he wins three seats in the Toronto area, he shouldn’t lose any sleep whatsoever. Three Tory seats in Toronto is an improvement than none. People who know me recognize my frustration with Toronto voters who seem to have an obstinate, fixed, adolescent-minded, stubborn aversion to electing anything or anybody right of centre—or even centre-right for that matter. Toronto voters elect left-of-centre municipal councillors, centre-left and/or hard left MPPS, centre-left and/or hard left MPs—but this is another topic to be discussed at another time. I do expect Prime Minister Harper  to aggressively launch his campaign with a special emphasis on Quebec. This is the definately the province that could very likely give him a majority that he so desires but first he must capitalize on the federal Liberal Party’s disarray and make a solemn oath to wipe out once and for all— the pain in the ass Bloc Quebecois and push the notion of Quebec separation in the backburner and outside of mainstream Quebecois thought for one more time.

It doesn’t take a genius why Prime Minister Harper called the election at the time he did. There indications of economic slowdowns and the Prime Minister does not want to be called into the crossfire. The Americans have their election in November and of course, that will have ripple effects across the border despite those who stridently protest otherwise. This was the best time for Prime Minister Harper to use this time toward his advantage.

Why I am supporting Harper?  Yes, he is not a warm and fuzzy guy (and he knows it and he can live with that). I may not have a great affection for him but I admire him. I admire him for being a man of focus and is determined to move heaven and earth to get what is done. They (his critics) say he is an angry man. I say so what? I think he is angry that the fact that some Canadians have checked their mind at the door in believing in that what policy late former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau implemented (whether health care, multiculturalism, etc.) are sacred, holy and can never be open discussion.  Harper is right to take on Trudeaupian thinking and mentality and  to expose those intimidate and bully people who don’t walk the Trudeaupian line as engaging in childish nonsense. Prime Minister Harper believes in the individual and the individual is very important and the individual needs special investment. Prime Minister believes in innovation and invention—and individuals are crucial to that succcess—something that bureaucrats or government officials cannot do all the time! They say if Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, he will put a dager and inflict a wound (hopefully fatal) in America’s long time racial discrimination. I say, giving Prime Minister Harper a full, four year term, he can put a dager  (no make that a sharp sammmuri sword) and slash and jab the Canadian disease of the Tall Poppy Syndrome—Tarintino style! For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I will quote this from wikipedia, “Tall Poppy Syndrome (TPS) is a pejorative term used in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand to describe what is seen as a leveling social attitude. Someone is said to be a target of tall poppy syndrome when his or her assumption of a higher economic, social or political position is criticized as being presumptuous, attention seeking, or without merit. Alternatively, it is seen as a societal phenonmenon in which people of genuine merit are criticised or resented because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.”  Frankly, the death of TPS in Canada would be a beautiful thing because success can truly be celebrated and not something to be viewed with neurotic paranoid suspicion.  At least Prime Minister Harper believes that millions of Canadians can be successful and prosperous—without bureaucracy, without central planning doing it for them. Contrast that a government-must-do-everything approach to Liberal Leader Stephane Dion with his carbon tax initiave and NDP Leader Jack Layton with his socialist agenda. I prefer a plan that desires that millions of people improve their lot and become prosperous as never before which in turn makes Canada a successful country. Only Harper, I believe can plant the seeds.

I also in a way admire Prime Minister Harper’s ferocious intolerance for dissent in his caucus. If I had followed his EXACT example and had some of his backbone when I was president of my local riding association (2004-2005)—I would have definately had  a second term during 2005-2006 and would have had some people who were truly loyal and who were committed in getting things done and actually making things happen for the riding instead of some basking in their own egos. The next time if I am again privileged to be president of a riding association whether provincially or federally—I am not running it like Bob Rae—I will be another Stephen Harper. If anybody wants to call me a control freak, praise ye the Lord God Almighty! I am getting things done for my party and I don’t have any problem with that. Lesson learned! Being a leader—you need followers—or else you are walking alone. Prime Minister Harper again gets it.

Prime Minister Harper also understands the need that Canada in the international world needs to be respected. Forget the long standing lib-left narcissistic obsession of wanting to be loved by everybody. That is just living in an irresponsible dreamworld. This is politically incorrect but I am going say anyway. There are authoritarian societies in this world who hate democratically free societies like the U.S. and Canada of what they are:free. The Prime Minister understands we need to protect our freedoms and it doesn’t come cheap. Harper has been the most sympathetic to the Canadian armed forces and their needs after a long time of pacifist neglect from the previous Liberal government. I even like the new commercials for the forces which have the slogan “Fight Fear, Fight Distress, and Fight Chaos”  and later “Fight with the Canadian Armed Forces.”  These commercials are more serious and yes, violent (sorry, hippie peaceniks—this is what an army’s all about). I don’t want to go back to Liberal pacifism. Canadians need to learn there is a thing called evil and it needs to be fought viciously. No more panzy, lazy, western European approach which seems hide a thing called evil and pretends everything is gray.

Canada needs change. Again I say Trudeau is gone. We are not in the 1960’s and 1970’s anymore. Less than 2 years from now we will be in another new decade of the 2010’s.  For anyone to put solutions that were appropriate for the mid to late 20th century is ideologically putting square peg in a round hole. Canada needs a smaller but still active government while having belief and faith in the individual at the same time. It is not an either/or proposition. If Canada  wants to join a new age of  prosperity and significant influence, it must give the keys to Stephen Harper to form a majority government  and to elect Stephane Dion is just a silly excercise (and a dangerous excerise) for romantic nostalgia that really wasn’t there. Choose thoughtfully and wisely fellow Canadians on October 14th.