I hope we have NOT forgotten 7 years ago today!


I sometimes do not understand some people’s aversion to country music and their musicians. One thing it seems to me is that with country musicians they GET IT, while others just simply DON’T and have no desire to get it. I am talking, of course about 9-11 and the war against terror. I have always liked country musicians respect for God, country and family, while silly season left of centre elitists have without fail sneered and satirized their values time and time again.

To rub it in these elitists face, I present you a video from Youtube, a 9-11 tribute with the song, “Have You Forgotten” from Daryl Worley. I just now decided to put Daryl Worley’s own video  with the package. By the way,  like last year I am put the list of Canadian victims of the tragedy. I have NOT forgotten that this was also a Canadian tragedy as well.

Arczynski, Mike
Bailey, Garnet
Barkway, David
Basnicki, Ken
Collison, Joe
Connolly, Cindy
Dack, Arron
Egan, Christine
Egan, Michael
Elmarry, Albert
Ewart, Meredith
Feidelberg, Peter
Filipov, Alexander
Gerhardt, Ralph
Lee, Stuart
Ludvigsen, Mark
Mascarenhas, Bernard
McArthur, Colin
Pelletier, Mike
Robson, Donald
Santos, Rufino
Tomasevic, Vladimir
Vincelli, Chantal
                                                                                                                                                     Williams, Debbie


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