A tribute to greatest supervisor ever had


Canadian ARMED Forces, Richy—not Arm.

Associates of The Home Depot do a ritual, or initiation when someone leaves the company or goes to another sector of the company (eg. a transfer from the Distrubution Centre to a Store). If one owes a car, it is customary that plastic shrink wrap is literally wrapped around it. Former Shipping Supervisor, Shift 3 at the Distribution Cenre at Arrow and Sheppard in Toronto, Kumar Singh was no exception. He is now promoted to the well deserved position of Assistant Store Manager of  The Home Depot at Sherway Gardens in  southern Etobicoke. Kumar, on the night of his leaving, early this September (on a nice warm Friday night mind you), had no problem UN-wrapping that shrink wrap with labels saying “Sherway Gardens” on it.  I salute this man (with a lovely and supporting family behind him) who has inspired many, who raised the bar on leadership and the standards of how a distribution centre is to be run.  One associate has rightly credited Kumar for not “losing his temper” meaning he has been cool, calm and collective in almost every situation with every person he dealt with.  Everything with Kumar wasn’t all work, it was fun discussing him on a variety of topics—which ranged from political science and even economics. I am proud to have served under this very intelligent man who has been a “jack of all trades” from studying IT at Devry, serving our country in the Canadian Armed Forces in Rwanda to up until recently started a career at The Home Depot. May it only get better for him and may his new team at Sherway Gardens enjoy him and learn some incredible life lessons as we did at Arrow and Sheppard.

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