Two thumbs up for W

 This past weekend I finally seen the anticipated film W, the biopick on the current U.S. President’s ascent to power (who is played in the movie by Josh Brolin who has him down pat) .  Directror  Oliver Stone made this story into a very simple one of a son trying to please his father. So therefore, I agree that it was a sympathetic movie to George W.Bush and it is not a typical Bush-bashing movie. I also felt that it was also sympathetic to former Secretary of State Colin Powell (who was played by Jeffrey Wright) who presented as the voice of reason in sea of advisors who either psychophants and/or egomaniacs with destructive agendas when it came to the issue of invading Iraq. In comparson to the recent event of Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama, one can see very clearly why this is so. Not everyone shared my enthusiasm of the movie. One bloggist Thud of Thudfactor is making darn sure that he’s not seeing this movie in his youth but in his last days on planet earth. He said to me in his blog,

“FT, someday I might see the movie. But having seen what the results of this simple story are, I’m just not inclined to engage with Bush on the level of a literary character. Or feel sorry for him, or Colin Powell, or anyone associated with the debacle of the last eight years. But perhaps in the fullness of time, when I am in a nursing home and have seen every single movie on the planet.” Read Thud’s review (who I am proud to call him a sensible liberal in the Joe Biden sense of the word) at Thudfactor at

Suprisingly, a conservative (who sometimes is very conservative on some issues) was a mature adult in viewing the movie. James Pate of James Thoughts and Musings had some disappointments,  “The movie wasn’t as emotionally gut-wrenching or deep as other Oliver Stone movies: JFK, Nixon, Born on the Fourth of July. That was disappointing. There wasn’t even a dramatic soundtrack!”  Read James’ review on W. at

Roger Ebert (sadly without his weekly show, I want to discuss this later) gave this film four stars and I would agree with him there. James may be right that it wasn’t one Stone’s deepest movies but probably it was his intention because Bush is in no way a deep thinker. Maybe if there’s a biopick on Obama it will probably be more substantive but probably way less funny.  Anyway, for those who want a review of what happened the past 8 years, see W. and enjoy it.

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