Eric Margolis gets it! Eisenhower Republicans needed after November 4th

Though Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis gets on my nerves with his premise, “America and Israel are always wrong and the Palestinians and radical Islamists are always right.  If you got a problem with the former, refer to the later”— he is unmistakably bang on where the U.S. Republicans should turn post election day. This column was written before the Canadian election on October 14th but it still relevant for the two countries more than ever before.  Time permitting, I am going to write series of posts wher the Republicans should go. Let us make no mistake, come after the election day in the U.S., there will be a political bloodbath and a cleaning of the house. Frankly, it is time that the wingnuts, market fundamentalists, social darwinists, religious fundamentalists, crypto-racists, bigots and all other polarizing forces in the Republican party need to go and fast! If not it deserves to be an irrelevant, impractical southern US rump insignificant to American politics.

Margolis agrees,

“America’s Republicans long ago deserted the conservative political, economic and foreign policies of the greatest true conservative president, Dwight Eisenhower. “Ike” believed in small government, avoiding foreign wars and entanglements, a non-aggressive foreign policy, low taxes, restrained government spending and keeping government out of the social domain.

This greatest modern American president called for nuclear disarmament and rightly warned his nation of the dangers of what he called “the military industrial complex.” Half a century later, I still like Ike — and am proud to call myself an “Eisenhower Republican.”

Equally important, traditional conservative principles demand hard work, thrift and saving. One does not buy anything until saved-up cash is available. Governments spend only what they collect in taxes, not future generations’ money known as “deficit spending.” While necessary for long-term investment, borrowing must be strictly limited and tightly supervised.

Today’s Republicans call themselves “conservatives” but are nothing of the kind. Under President George W. Bush, government size, spending and deficits have become gargantuan. “Conservative” in the U.S. has become synonymous with social dogmatism of the religious hard right and rural crassness and ignorance. Now, thanks to their “rescue package,” Republicans (and Democrats) seem well on their way to socialism.”

As I said Eric Margolis GETS IT! What is there NOT to get? At the same time, he does gives us this sober caveat,

Like Canada, America desperately needs some real conservatives of the type common to Europe’s moderate centrist parties. But if the financial disaster worsens, we could end up with jackbooted demagogues rather than moderates.

By what reports it seems that Republican vp canidate, Governor Sarah Palin whom I once was approved (now no longer, her anti-intellectualism did it in for me) may fit the bill of being a demagogue. If a McCain adviser is calling her a “diva” and doesn’t take advice from anybody (this is so Harperesque of her) should be taken seriously. I have came to the conclusion that 2008 IS the wrong decade for her to enter presidential  (or vp)politics and I dare say that 2012 IS STILL the wrong decade for her participate in presidential politics. I think 2020 would have been more appropriate because she would have at least 14 years as Governor as opposed to having the nearly 2 she has now. Frankly, if she dares to run in 2012, I hope that Mike Huckabee will crush her in the primaries and he can well position himself as a “progressive conservative” in the Jack Kemp sense and  present himself more “moderate” than Palin. This is the beginning of interesting times for the Republican party.

Read the entire article of Eric Margolis’ article here at:

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