ONE DAY: An Obama presidency in our midst! One Canadian perspective.

Unless U.S. Senator John McCain squeaks an upset in tomorrow’s elections in the United States (which is becoming more unlikely according to recent polling according to a Gallup-USA Today published on Monday gave Obama a yawning lead of 11 points — 55 percent to 44 for McCain) it is extremely likely that Senator Barack H. Obama, Jr. will be the 44th President of the United States of America, thus making him the first African American —ever to be elected to such office. This is no doubt will be a historic event. I even booked a day off from work to see this once in a lifetime event on television. My fellow colleague and friend at work, Chris (who is Kenyan) is even planning an Obama bash this coming weekend.

As I have said before Obama’s campaign has been admirable and inspiring. It is commendable that he brought down the establishment canidate Senator Hillary Clinton (whom I never liked in the first place) who was supposed to be the nominee. I was (and still somewhat to a smaller degree now) worried about his lack of experience but he demonstrated that he has at least some good judgement and of course, he is a very intelligent person and respects people using rational thought, unlike John McCain’s running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who seems to be very anti-intellectual and who thinks talking in generalities with no detail or substance is all you need and NO more. Sorry, America has paid a severe price for 8 years for this type of attitude and doesn’t need 8 more of that kind of road to oblivion. I will admit the obvious, Governor Palin is good looking and she is folksy that I would love to have a drink with her but I am immediately reminded that there was another U.S, politician who I wanted to have a beer with (much to the strong objection from my dad and even comedian Bill Maher!) and I come to my senses and recognize that two law professors (Obama and Biden), who know the U.S. Constitution from the back of the head, who know a lot better than the average person are not bad after all. Some critics have bitterly suggested that if Obama would be elected, he be the affirmative action President. Nonsense. If Obama is elected president tomorrow, it is transparently evidential that this man has WORKED HARD for this elective office and nothing was OR will be handed to him on a platter. Obama will have won this election by solely by merit. You can’t get no more American than that. Frankly, a person who has a positive message of change, hope, opportunity, inclusion and telling people what you are for rather than griping bitterly of what you’re against AND NEVER STRAYING FROM THAT MESSAGE is simply a proven system in winning campaigns. A note  of advice to my friend Ontario provincial Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, this is the campaign you want to mimic and mimic real good if you want to defeat Premier Dalton McGuinty in 2011 (but that is another topic for another time)!

I have also said before, like many Canadians, I welcome an Obama presidency but with me I still have reservations. I am centre-right on the political spectrum. I am a fiscal conservative with a social conscience (wingnuts—DEAL WITH IT!).  Barack Obama’s left of centre, some would dare label him a socialist. I think some Americans need to come to the City of Toronto and check out City Hall, you’ll get socialism. Or go back in a time machine to the years of 1990 to 1995 in the province of Ontario, when former New Democrat Premier Bob Rae (now federal MP and possible Liberal leadership canidate) thought you can spend your way out of a recession or economic slumps. It is my hope and prayer that a President Obama does not take that route. I hope he does pay attention to the deficit and I commend him for his tax cut proposal for the middle class. Frankly, I believe in 2010 with a Republican elected House of Representatives (and this can include the Senate too) can truly bring a President Obama truly to the centre like what happened in 1994 under the Bill Clinton’s presidency but first, I believe the Republicans need to clean house to rid itself of the religious and market fundamentalists, the neocons, social darwinists, crypto-racists and bigots and other polarizing figures. I would like to see the Republican party become a party in the line of the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt,  Dwight D. Eisenhower and adopting more and more of the empowering and inclusive ideas of Jack Kemp, if it is serious about remaining a political force on the American scene.

About John McCain, I really like this man but this was not his time to be president. Bluntly put, his time should have been in 2000, yes I guess I am saying George Bush should have never been president. Whew!!! At the same time, I do think that a President Obama should ask John McCain to serve in his cabinet (just like life imitating art in an episode of The West Wing, where a visible minority President-elect played by Jimmy Smits asked his 70 year old  political opponent played by Alan Alda). If Obama does this, this proves that he is serious about bi-partisanship and reaching across the aisle.

I have also stated before that I am sure that an Obama win will inspire more visible minorities  in North America to run for political office regardless of political stripe of the political spectrum (this will make the civil rights days look like a church picnic). This is a beautiful thing and it is a sign of progress. If Republican Louisana Governor Bobby Jindal (who’s of South Asian background) seeks the presidency in the 2010’s and 2020’s, it will be an easier road because he and many others (this will include myself as I hope to make a run for the Ontario premiership in the 2020’s) can thank Barack Obama. I sincerely ask God to bless Senator Barack Obama and the United States of America during these very interesting but difficult times.

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