Remembrance Day

grandadSince I started  my blogsite (starting with in 2005), I have almost every year on Remembrance Dayput a picture of my late grandfather Alvin MacLean, thanking him for the service he gave and committed in World War II. Thankfully, he survived World War II and lived until his death in June of 1986 at age 77 from complications of liver cancer in his home province of Nova Scotia. His wife (my grandmother—still going strong at 84!) had close relatives  who did not make it home to Nova Scotia after the war. They paid with their lives, thus giving the ultimate sacrifice to their country and protecting the freedoms that we all take for granted and love. My grandfather’s spirit is probably saying, “You did enough thanks for me, but it’s time to give thanks to those who went waay before I did—in battle!”  This year, I will do something a little  different and show Bryan Adam’s video from the mid-80’s rightly called “Remembrance Day”. Let us remember those who never came back home because they paid the ultimate price for their country. Let us never forget it.


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