Ready folks??? May 8,2009!

Trekkies and other admirers of the Star Trek franchise, mark the dated above down on your calendars. This is a story of going right back to the beginning. One friend believes that the original TV series (with William Shatner) is all you all need to know about the beginning and it is sort of sacrilege to tell the beginning in a different way. I can understand the sentiment but I am a lot less purist about it. I think an updated version about the beginning is the best way to connect to a new and may I add younger (and we’re talking under 20 here) generation of fans and admirers, they may think the original series is a little out of date, compared to the special effects and technology today.  Also about the movie, I believe it has a talented young cast. With the trailer I am impressed with the Matt Damoneseque Chris Pine who takes the role of Captain Kirk and Hero’s Star Zachary Quinto who is a more edgier Spock. The actors and actresses I am a little more familiar would be the sexy Zoe Saldana who takes on the Uhura role, Anton Yelchin of Charlie Bartlett fame takes on the role of Chekov and John Cho (of the Harold and Kumar franchise of all places) takes on Sulu. Eric Bana plays a bad guy Romulan (Nero). This should make for an interesting movie in May of 2009. Now I present you the recent trailer that I seen last week in the theatres when Quantum of Solace premiered.

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