The Spinners: The Rubberband Man Again! On Midnight Special!

In late 2007 on this blog, I posted a video of The Rubberband Man, sung by the Spinners back in the mid-1970’s but the actual video was done in the 2000’s by two white dudes. I again have a clip of the song Rubberband Man by the Spinners performing on a show back in the 1970’s called Midnight Special which had on the greatest musical artists of the time and I will even assert these artists KNEW what music was supposed to be. The Spinners were no exception. As I have said before, I hope the coming second decade of this century (the 2010’s)  we will see some kind renaissance and deliverence from the garbage of music what was foisted upon us in the 90’s and ’00’s.

Oh by the way, I just kicked this video in. A Christmas version of the Rubberband Man edited by Office Max in the form of a commercial. Cute and brilliantly done!

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