Pitying Rush Limbaugh and his idiotic assertion



440px-official_portrait_of_barack_obama1rush-limbaugh“I hope he fails.” That was a quote from none other than Rush H. Limbaugh III, the famous ultra-conservative radio talk show host on American airwaves giving his wish about the Obama presidency. “I hope he fails.” I ask to myself, is this man crazy? Well I know the answer and the question is rhetorical. For over the 18 years since I knew of Rush, he is a man that is tragically blinded by his own narrow ideology and if one dissents from his narrow world view it seems he’s incapable from refraining to take personal pot shots at people who sees things differently. I will even dare this strong statement: He is like (no, he is) a Sith—and the Sith only think in absolutes. Let all Star Wars fans understand what I am talking about. I remember in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected president, what I heard from then U.S. Senate Republican leader Bob Dole saying that, he wanted Bill Clinton “to succeed” in his presidency but somehow in 2009 we have another Republican leader (thankfully not an elected leader but one of the airwaves) who dogmatically asserts, “I hope he fails.” At least Bob Dole was (and I believe he still is) a gentleman in every sense of that word.

But first, I should and need to make some serious confessions about myself in this post. My own mother a few days ago asked me a damn good question, “How is it that you were once a fan of Rush Limbaugh?” Trust me in my early 20’s I drove some people nuts of my fanship of Limbaugh (my dad was not even exempted, neither some people at the church I used to attend or people at my-then workplace at that time). Trust me, as I turn 39 today (yes the last of my thirties on my birthday)—I have grown up and have been through a lot of hard knocks.  I think I am far, far wiser than the naive (but well-meaning) person as I was in my early 20’s. I also think that at time, Rush Limbaugh was filing a void. I was at that time a member of a fundamentalist sect (to be fair which was moderating in it’s hardline stances in which I am eternal grateful but that’s another topic), I was a college graduate but was unemployed for a while, scrimping at various jobs. He was articulating my dissent and anger at the excesses of the left wing which included radical feminism, radical environmentalism, the freewheeling lifestyles of Hollywood’s rich and famous and those who had little care for the traditonal family. I still have no use for the the excesses of the left wing but believe you me, I have co-equally, co-essentially and co-eternally have zero patience for the excesses of the right wing either but Rush does not (because of his stubborn blind ideology) see any excesses in right of centre politics. Actually, he believes the excesses in right of centre politics is a virtue. Wikipedia had said this about Rush and it fits him to a T, “He has loudly criticized political centrists, independents, and even moderate conservatives [like myself], claiming they are responsible for Democrat Barack Obama‘s victory over Republican John McCain in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election and inviting them to leave the Republican party altogether, while calling for the adoption of hard-line far-right philosophies in order to ensure the survival of the Republican party.[59][60][61]Eventually in 1995, I just stopped listening to Rush altogether. It is not a case of Rush Limbaugh doesn’t get it—he does NOT want to get it. Believe me the difference is important as night and day. At a community “Obama bash” I went to this Saturday afternoon, a woman questioned that me as a conservative (albeit a moderate conservative that Rush hates with a passion) what draws me to President Barack Obama, I explained that President Obama transcends party politics. Those who feel that it’s cliche to say that he’s a transformational leader—tough, the proof is in the pudding!  America is blessed at this time for somebody who dares to look outside the box for a change. Rush in his stupidity, loves his little box and perversely enjoys being imprisoned by it.

To say, “I hope he fails.” Is simply irresponsible. To suggest or even think about Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate being “obstructionist” with the President of the United States is not an option. Rush in his narrow ideology believes that the Republicans must seize power,take power for the sake of it. Wrong again! This attitude is the perfect reason that they have lost the White House, Senate and House and if they have not been humbled by it, they richly deserved to be irrelevant in American politics.  Frankly, the Republicans need to be co-operating with the President but at the same time not compromising their principles. As a conservative, I believe that President Obama needs to listen to the voice of fiscal responsiblity and yes, some kind of fiscal restraint when necessary. This is where the Republicans should come in make their case. Does Rush Limbaugh want the the very liberal, tax and spend wing of the Democratic party to call the shots?  This is what the Republicans need to be thinking of and planning to take back either the Senate or the House in 2010 to give Obama fiscal conscience and not to lose it. If Rush is dreaming of a Sarah Palin run 2012, he simply has it all wrong and his priorities still out of whack. For an Obama presidency to fail, would also mean another rough ride for America and America has had enough of the rough rides that it’s been getting in recent months. Frankly, President Obama has the best advice to Republicans: “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.” May more Republicans heed this advice and I pray to God  (and I’m serious) that they will go far, very far with that kind of advice. It is a new era and a new chapter in American politics. It’s time for Rush to get on board, but because of his stubborness, he won’t. Pity.


I know, I know! There is no legal requirement for President Barack Obama to redo the presidential oath but I am glad that the President and Chief Justice John Roberts were courteous enough to do a solemn oath in which they BOTH messed up the first time yesterday! At least they got this one right!

On a more serious and respectful note, I still wish the new President of the United States, Barack Obama, will have a very successful and accomplished presidency. God bless and protect him and his family. God bless the United States of America.

Happy MLK Day to my American friends

I want to wish every American a  happy, memorable and special Martin Luther King Day in the United States. How ironic that tomorrow, the country’s first African American President, Barack H. Obama will be sworn in office—exactly around this time I am typing this post. Talk about a dream fulfilled or perhaps the dream going to another level? Another irony, this one personal, I shall turn 39 years old this coming Saturday, the age when Dr.King was unfortunately assassinated. If he had lived he would have been 80 years old. This is truly a special MLK Day for all. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to present to you the entire 17-minute famous “I Have A Dream” speech that he spoke in Washington, D.C. back in August 1963. Thank you Dr.King.

Roeper and Ebert WE NEED YOU BACK!

It has been almost half a year that Roeper and Ebert announced that they were pulling out of  At The Movies franchise. Come September of last year, we seen the new format and new critics and I, for one, was not impressed. I even on a facebook.com site last year, I expressed my displeasure stating,

“Thumbs down for the new format! We need Roeper, Ebert and Phillips back! At least they make you think—the new format is just plain dumb, commercialized and is made for those who proudly have short attention spans. Ebert and Roeper need to go back home to PBS and start all over again.”
I still mean that months later! I never watched another episode of the new format ever since. I have watched Roger Ebert and the late Gene Siskel on television since I was a child and both men had eventually shaped my worldview on watching movies critically. Here in Toronto their show eventually had pemanent residence on CFTO television which broadcasted after Sunday night, technically Monday at midnight for many years until, CSI:Miami reruns filled that spot in the 2000’s and was bumped a little after 1:00 a.m.  Gene Siskel lost his battle with cancer complications ten years ago this coming February (hard to believe)  at the ripe young age of 53 and was eventually replaced with Richard Roeper a year later in 2000. Throughout the years I have agreed with their reviews, disagreed with some—and disagreed very passionately. Roger Ebert, the late Gene Siskel and Richard Roeper believed in the art of conversation when discussing a movie. You have to discuss about the actor (or actresses)—were they right for the role? Did they do their job? Or if they did, did the rest of the movie did their job along the way? There were conversations whether to debate was their a story to the movie? Was it relevant? Was the story well articulated? Or the depth and personality of the  characters? The Siskel-Ebert-Roeper team believed that critiquing movies is an art and it is supposed to make you think. After seeing one episode of the new format of At The Movies, I believe that it failed to live up to the standards as the predecessors laid out.
I believe it is time for Roeper and Ebert to start again. Hollywood needs the fear of God when they are tempted  to bring out a bad movie and welcome to January folks. This is time when they do release very bad movies. I am not seeing any of the horror flicks that are being released. I am not seeing The Butterfly Effect: Revelations. No Ashton Kutcher, no seeing this movie (I just discovered this a third instalment of the series, the second one sucked!). Also in February, I am definately going to enjoy missing Confessions Of A Shopaholic (the trailer definately gets on my nerves). We need Ebert and Roeper! Car 54 where are you?! We need ’em now! I know that Roger Ebert is recovering from his complications from his own cancer battle. Thankfully, Roger Ebert is still with us (and I pray for many years to come) but his vocal chords have been damaged along with his cancer fight. I hope at some point there will be surgery to correct this damage. When the battle with his health problems began in 2006, a rotating guest of critics came in fill his place. I loved Robert Wolinsky. Charismatic, charming, articulate, spicy and a ferocious debate. Richard Roeper seemed to get on with Michael Phillips, who was less of a dramatic showman critic (as Wolinsky was) but was more of a relaxed figure but passionate about critiquing movies in a different way. I would invite either man to help Richard Roeper in a new TV project as Roger Ebert continues to make recovery. The sooner that is done, the better. I am in no mood to forget and throw away like a used coat over 30 years of meticulous, detailed critical reviews of movies which have had a great say on our popular culture. Now is the time to “think” about movies we see!

A great Olympic promotion from CTV


Two young ambitious, hard-working, patriotic athletes. The commanding voice of Donald Sutherland. The exemplarary music by Oscar winning composer Howard Shore. Who can ask for anything more? This is the beginning of CTV television network’s promotion of the 2010 olympics in Vancouver. The theme: Believe.