My Welcome to James Pate on WordPress

jamespatebiggerWho in the hell is James Pate? Ah, that is James Bradford Pate and don’t you forget it! He is a good friend that I have met on the internet for over a year when I discovered his blogsite called James Thoughts and Musings which is supported. He discusses those pesky things you don’t ever talk about at the dinner table: religion and politics—but he makes the issues so exciting! Oh yes, if you are expecting political correctness from him—as Tony Soprano and the mafia would say, “forgeddaboutit!” James is a 32 year old Harvard graduate (look out Mr.President, you got a competitor and so do you Mayor Miller!) who has a neurological condition called Asperger’s Syndrome, which is considered on the Autistic Disorder Spectrum. He freely and openly writes about his condition among other things. If you looking for somebody with a fiber of authenticity, look no further. He is also a Ph.D. student at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, so his studies are go beyond Harvard. Despite his broad and thorough education, he talks to people as opposed to talking down to them. This does not mean you are exempt of not knowing what you are talking about, James rightly expects you to do your homework! I never once  heard him bragged about his degrees to beat people over the head to prove his intellectual superiority over others. Thumbs up James! Without further yapping I will now give the site location of his blog on wordpress called James Ramblings at So I heard this hard-right Republican (James) wants to challenge my statements on my posts  and I am a   “Purple Tory” Conservative (I will probably let James refer the Canadian definitions of Red and Blue Tory on wikipedia). Well it’s better than nobody making no comments here. At least James wants to make The Way I See It Anyway exciting (but civil) too…

One thought on “My Welcome to James Pate on WordPress

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Felix! Should I conclude that you like my Facebook picture better than my driver’s license photo?:P

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