It was probably never meant to be


















 I was hoping tonight, coming home from my shift at work that I would be celebrating John Tory’s by-election win in  Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock . As I  was surfing the internet tonight, I was exposed to one of life’s cruel surprises and evil jinxes on one human being to say the least (or in other words to bite my tongue). John Tory was narrowly defeated by Liberal opponent Rick Johnson.  This does eventually translate the definite end of Tory’s leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.  I feel sad and very enraged but my logic and my optomism lead me to conclude that eventually BOTH  John and the party will be alright but going in seperate directions. There are those that are happy as yapping dogs thinking that this will be the last time we ever hear of John Tory. I declare to His Throne in Heaven, “God forbid!” John has other options. Remaining as leader sadly is not one of them. I have a while ago back in September 2008, the last time I talked to John did suggest an option. I know that March 2009 is not the best time and it is best to rest on it but as the months get warmer, I can only request to give it some serious thought. It may be the best fit for him. Everything will be okay. I know full well that there is a charge that I am being overly optomisitc.  In defense of that, I believe that is eventually the ONLY place to go, if the Ontario PC’s want to survive and survive it must!

One thought on “It was probably never meant to be

  1. Hey Felix. It’s just as well that John Tory lost. With the North American and global economies in a tailspin, it is not unreasonable to pin the blame on the monetary policies (Greenspan/Bernanke, both appointed by Republican administrations) and fiscal policies of the most recent Republican administration. The Canadian Conservative party is perceived to be too willing to emulate Republican conservative doctrine such as unfunded tax-cuts, deficit spending, slashing of social services, fighting meaningless wars, wanton deregulation, and negligence in enforcement of existing public safety (physical and financial) legislation.

    I personally don’t believe that John Tory is a true Conservative in the modern sense of the term. He is more mainstream (and therefore to the left of current Conservatives) than that. He is more of an old-style Progressive Conservative…a red Tory if you will.

    I think that there is a place for conservatism in Canadian politics, but it cannot come at the expense of budget deficits, soldiers dead from fighting meaningless wars, etc. John will do well to sit this one out and wait until the national scene is ready for an old PC style government.

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