Talkin’ ’bout my Generation


The race to replace John Tory as leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives is off. Frank Klees and Randy Hillier were the first to throw their hat in the ring. Thursday night Niagara-Hamilton based MPP Tim Hudak officially threw his hat in the ring.  Ajax area MPP Christine Elliott will be soon joining later today.

On my Facebook page, I made my official endorsement of Tim Hudak and I believe that this was the right time for to make an official endorsement. Friends and colleagues knew anyway where I gravitated anyway and I always believed that if something did happen to John Tory politically, Tim Hudak should be the leader. This coming June 27th (which is incidentally my brother’s 35th birthday), Tim Hudak should be given that chance, once and for all.

One may demand me to answer the question, “Why?!” Forget that I was loyal to John Tory, forget that Tim is was loyal to Mike Harris.  I am sooo glad that Tim (yes, when I met him at that anti Liberal-NDP coaltion rally in December, he told that I can call him “Tim”, so it is not “Mr.Hudak”) has mentioned that it is time to move beyond the Red Tory vs. Blue Tory debate. Debates like that really serve nobody good in the long run anyway! There is a reason why the title of this post is borrowed from the lyrics from that good ole masterpiece of a band called “The Who”.  Are you yet getting it? For those who claim they still don’t get it ,  I will go along with their game (but only so far, mind you). I am of Generation X, those who were born from 1964 to 1981.  I mentioned earlier this year on this blog that I turned 39 in January. Tim is 2 years older than I am (41). It is my firm belief that current Premier Dalton McGuinty, a baby boomer (born 1956) should be the last baby boomer Premier of Ontario. Here is what Wikipedia stated about Generation X in the 2010s “Those people born in the 1960s and 1970s will most likely be approaching positions of power by the end of the decade (late boomers plus the so-called Generation X in North America). This process has already begun with the elections of Barack Obama as U.S. President and Dmitry Medvedev as Russian President in 2008. Generations Y and Z (born in the 1980s and 1990s) will be the dominant generations of youth in this decade, as Generations X and Y were the dominant generations in the 2000s.”  We got less than 8 months until we hit the new decade, the second decade of the 21st century and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario needs to get on board and if it chooses to not to, this once great party that ran Ontario for a good chunk in the 20th century deserves political irrelevance in the 21st.  It is my firm belief that Tim Hudak can, should and WILL energize that base of people who were born after 1960 to finally form another government that is sensitive to fiscal responsiblity (McGuinty’s budget, we won’t go there) which means reigning our deficits and debts under control and most important thing of all is to make Ontario a HAVE PROVINCE  (Don’t get me started on McGuinty’s cruel April Fool’s joke of making Ontario a HAVE NOT province in regards to transfer payments).   The road of Tim’s journey has begun, it will be an adventure for him in the coming weeks and months but it will be worth it. Walk boldly, Tim—your time has come.




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