Can never say goodbye to Jack

It has been a week that the prominent U.S. Republican politician, Jack Kemp, was called to his heavenly home and in that week there has been nothing but praises and expressions of loss of an old friend. I thank again as always Shay’s Booker Rising for excerpting my commentary in her blog. I also enjoyed on Booker Rising’s Quote of the Day from an African American medical doctor and one who was active in the Republican Party,Deborah Honeycutt who had these kind words to about Jack, “When he reached out to help me be successful in my candidacy [for Congress in Georgia], he had no ‘Now, little black girl, you ought to be happy that I am helping you’ attitude. (And I know the rest of you have felt that from some white establishment Republ[i]cans at one time or another!) But his attitude was one of ‘Thank you, Deborah, for helping the Republican Party by standing firmly on your conservative principles.'” As I said before, it’s the thought that truly counts. I’ll bet you Jack is in heaven and saying to all of us in the conservative movement in the Western world, “I dare you to do better than I did on earth.”  A positive legacy was built, let us build on it some more. I got some more video tributes and I hope ALL will  enjoy.

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