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Last year during the 2008 U.S. election campaign, I thought former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was an excellent speaker. At first, I didn’t understand what the fuss was about. Later on, her tendency to ramble in her speeches (never getting to the point) and her apparent non-caring of complex issues got on my nerves.  To make matters worse, discovering about her religious background (charismatic-Pentecostal) made me feel uneasy. This is a topic I wouldn’t mind writing for another time.  This coming weekend will mark one week since Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska and for whatever reason, she is planning that her post-Governorship will be just as loud and brash as her days as Governor. She’s speaking at the Reagan library next month for goodness sake. Never fear, Bill Maher has his own take about this which is good enough to make you see the bright side of  the Palin shenanigans.

Happy birthday Mr. Davis!!!











I want to personally congratulate former Premier William  (Bill) Grenville Davis who reaches a personal milestone today. The man who lead Ontario’s government from 1971 to 1985 turns 80! I firmly seek to make it to 80 myself in January 2050 with Mr.Davis’ good health along side with it!  I am very thankful that I did get a chance to meet the former premier at a convention in December 2003 which was the beginnings of the present-day Conservative Party of Canada. Those who are under 20 and do not remember Mr.Davis in government. Wikipedia here at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Davis and another site at Canadian Encyclopedia at http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=a1ARTA0002156 will give a brief synopsis about his contribution to the province of Ontario and how his contributions affect every Ontarian today. Also you might be interested in The Agenda With Steve Paikin’s recent interview with the former premier this past June. Enjoy it!

The Agenda – Broadcast – The Bill Davis Legacy

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A salute and honour  to a man who changed and defined television journalism as we know it from CBS News. A man who inspired and gave inspiration to those who seriously pursued the profession. A man who had the ear of a U.S. President (Lyndon Johnson) who dared to say, “If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America!” A man who cared about “the story” and only  “the story”—or as he would say at the end of his news broadcast, “That’s the way it is!” In a multi-channelled, 24 hour news channel orientation, it will be incredibly difficult for anyone person to rival the influence of Walter Cronkite and for this we thank you for your long and rich legacy, sir.

The First Nation’s Bill Cosby


2006_clouieThis man, First Nations Chief Clarence Louie GETS IT! I have put this man’s comments in my “Intelligent Quote of the Day”  when I moved from blogger.com to wordpress.com in 2007. What this man says now is good what he has said then. Some may ask, “Why are you calling him The First Nation’s Bill Cosby?” Well, Chief Louie is saying also saying to Native Canadians, “Come On People!”–just like Dr.Cosby has from the still relevant and important  book he has written two years ago! Chief Louie is preaching self-sufficiency and is truly leading by example on his reservation. Yesterday’s Metro newspaper (Toronto edition), he states in a column,

“The success of a First Nation community within the Canadian economic framework cannot be attained until there are equal chances for First Nations to be educated and provided with an opportunity to put their training to work. Nothing rips a nation state apart more and causes dependency than an unemployed population. The idleness of unemployment is a major sickness in most First Nation communities.

The enemy to First Nations truly participating in the Canadian economy is the perpetuation of the attitude that the First Nation problem can be solved through social expenditures.

The current 100-year-old failed government formula of 96 per cent social spending versus four per cent for business investment has left most First Nations with an unemployment rate that far exceeds the Great Depression.

An employment economy creates a healthier population than handouts. As one past national chief said, “A healthy person is a working person.” Many native youth are being slowly destroyed by the absence of real employment opportunities. Offering youth a welfare cheque leads to a sense of hopelessness and a lazy attitude. When an individual gains economic independence, just as when a First Nation gains economic independence, then good health in a holistic lifestyle becomes possible.” Makes sense to me! I could remember this past season on TVOntario’s current affairs program The Agenda With Steve Paikin when talking about the plight of Native Canadians, one Native woman (whom I felt was a loud, obnoxious quasi-Marxist—no, make that Marxist and communistic  and proud of it, PLAIN and SIMPLE) complaining that “capitalism” (from the outside)  is being forced on Natives. I say GOOD! I will bluntly assert that it is the ONLY salvation for Native Canadians for their survival! At the same time with my blunt assertion, I will make this statement that it is my wish, hope and prayer that just as First Nations become economically self-sufficient and prosperous through a capitalist system that the ugly derivitives from it like corporatism and consumerism (read Rod Dreher’s Crunchy Con book and blog to understand) will never, ever poison the Native community as a whole as those ugly derivitives have posioned and distorted the worldview of the non-native community tragically.

I also bumped into this segment from the CBC’s The National which talked about Chief Louie and his gospel of self-sufficiency. I hope you will enjoy it much as I did.

CBC.ca | The National | Archive | Aboriginal Issues | Chief Clarence Louie

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A Name Change???

Oh yes!  On blogger.com  I called my blog The Way I See It and on WordPress it became The Way I See It, Anyway and now I just felt it was appropriate to give my blog a new name reflective of my curent mood. Stay tuned!