Great article from the Toronto Sun


Yes, it is time for Canadians to need a massive re-think of multiculturalism. Canadians have a “Jan vs. Marcia Brady complex” when they compare themselves to the United States (which I think is unhealthy but that’s another topic to write about); the point being is that the Americans get it right when it comes to immigrants coming to their country. Take someone from India, or Nigeria or from Ireland—you pick the country—the immigrant says, “I am an American!” Canada, in which we pride ourselves over a “mosaic” vs. the American melting pot which in turn means there is a lot of “hyphenated Canadians” not just Canadians. Left of centre elites may parade and celebrate that fact but I wouldn’t go so far to celebrate that fact as my leftist friends would. This is in turn may cause “balkanization” of many ethnic groups competing against each other in the most negative ways. I don’t have to talk about Western Europe for a case in point. This subject, of course, is a very sensitive one and an emotional one (just like healthcare debate going  in the U.S. perhaps even more emotional) but I remain firm in my convictions. As Canada enters the second decade of the 21st century in the next few months, it is high time that we accept our own version of “the melting pot”.  Now let me qualify that statement. Does this mean people from other parts of the world who now make their home here Canada TOTALLY give UP every single thing were ever they came from? Am I saying there should be no more Caribana or the  Taste of Danforth Festival??? Of course not! I think one person said it best in the comments section of that Sun editorial about the difference between s- “m” multiculturalism and big “M” Multiculturalism:

There is Multiculturalism – and then there is multiculturalism ! The capital version is a sham and is nothing but vote-buying,allowing pressure groups to attempt to change Canadian laws and traditions,even repugnant practices like dowry,and “honor-killings”.These thugs need to be stopped!
The small “m” version is simply many different ethnic groups privately practicing their faiths,customs,traditions,languages,etc so long as they do not violate Canadian laws.And most folks
enjoy a street festival,with different food and music than they may normally experience.But a requirement for Can. citizenship MUST be learning our language,traditions,etc,and the promise to obey Can. law.The language requirement can be waived in extenuating circumstances[.]

Yes, the Trudeau inspired capital M multiculturalism has had it’s time and place.  We are almost in the 2010’s and this is not the 1970’s. Like it or not these are truly different times and different times logically have different needs than in times past. For Canada to be a cohesive and unified country, it is only fair, proper and rational that newcomers to Canada learn about the country, learn to speak either one of our two official languages English and French and yes assimiliate to our culture and yes, assimilation is NOT a dirty word. Those who want to shut down debate about this subject can only look forward to potential, unimaginable ethnic tensions in this country if we want to pretend that 1970’s policies can the solve 2010’s problems. I say yes to small “m” multiculturalism (which means government is out of the way) and yes to a Canadian melting pot. It is the ONLY way for Canada to advance in this 21st century. Read the editorial here at:

Obama’s Doctor GETS IT!!!


Dr. David Scheiner  is President Obama’s former family doctor and makes an appearance on Bill Maher’s  Real Time on HBO explaining the case for a “single payer” option when it comes to health care in the U.S.  As a Canadian, we have had the single payer option for a long time and yes, it has provided us very well despite it’s flaws. I am glad this man has the “balls” to  stand up and stop the the far-right nuttiness of scare tactics who believe that this is the next step to communism. You go Dr.Scheiner!!!